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Wednesday, October 1st 2014


09/25/2014 - 10/18/2014
Opening : Exhibition is open to the public by appointment only

Works featuring Robert Dandarov, Toshihisa Yoda, Yunko Yoda, Gorazd Poposki, Predrag Dimitrijevic, Jasna Bogdanovska, Bedi Ibrahim and others..


10/26/2014 - 11/03/2014
Opening : Tickets and information at www.ConcreteTimbre.com

Un Lieu de Vie, a concrete timbre & d'moiselles creation (Allan Markowitz, Producer) Un Lieu de Vie is a bilingual (English & French) interdisciplinary performance where audiences, equipped with a road map, wander freely to witness the clamor of sounds, sights, and rhythms that pervade the streets of Manhattan creating a lifetime of memories from the travels in a Manhattan artist's memory-evoking existence.