MCNYC is a non-profit multicultural interdisciplinary art gallery committed to the research, production, presentation and interpretation of contemporary art. The gallery supports established and emerging artists and explores ideas at the junction of arts, performance, and architecture. 

MCNYC has an open yet critical approach to the possible meanings of art in contemporary society. The gallery presents various arts: visual arts, architecture, dance, media arts, music, theatre, writing and publishing, interdisciplinary work and performance art, and encourages collaboration across these disciplines. It does this through exhibitions, performances, lectures, symposia, residencies, publications, multicultural events and educational programs.

MCNYC does synesthesia of creativity in the widest sense of the word. We believe in crosspollination, mutations, and integration of discourses across the artistic fields. We present the place where the fusion of ideas transforms the reality and open venues of lucid thinking.


Director: Gorazd Poposki

Architecture and Design: Natasa Simovska

Photo Department: Steven Crawford

Curator: Debra Vanderburg Spencer

Music: Milica Paranosic

Visual Arts: Gorazd Poposki

Press: Anna Perry and (design and media).

Design and Media: Nick Paunovski

Gallery MC is a non for profit, 501 c(3) organization incorporated in NY State.