Artist in Residence- Ali Sinani

Musicality of Colors

From all arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, and makes you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and color, and that you be a true poet. The last is essential. – Wasily Kandinsky

The artistic phenomenon in the works of Ali Sinani, Albanian modern painter who works in Macedonia and abroad, is a reflection which has original values in both important elements of artistic essence. First, in the composition treated in his paintings and second in the colors applied in specific shapes.

These are the two elements within which Sinani, develops, builds. He projects firstly the ideas and concepts and then he carries them through the artistic and esthetic phenomenon. So, his artistic platform is not only based on throwing the colors on the canvas, but mainly the colors are thrown in his pre-mordial memory and composed in his interior which through the brush present his idea and artistic concept on canvas.

Ali Sinani tries to subtract to the existential unity of the scents of things, deep into the emotions and expressing fluidity. He never gives up, but through associations tries to build a compositional entirety, and then coloristic and thus tries to express through the abstract the unspoken of his feelings.

With a specific communication sense, Ali Sinani, through conventions put on abstract-associative images, creates a parallel concept universe with the present reality. We see this clearly in the paintings named as “Traces”,Nostalgia”,Hopes”,Happy feelings” etc.

His creations touch the observer’s feelings, as a compositional wholeness of the image and the color and in his paintings he phrases the words of the famous artist Pit Mondrian, who says: everything is based on relations and reciprocities. As a result, the painter Ali Sinani with a metaphorical nature knows how to overcome a poetical synthesis achieved through the dynamic game of the color and the artistic openness of the shape, creating something “cosmic”.

The author has high coloristic sensitivity, he has understood the necessity of the color for concretization of the treated motive; but his color is not only subjective, on the contrary, it is more subjective element in fair proportion with the world and his spiritual structure.

He is persistent in seeking ways for advancing the concepts and methods of achieving his idea, and reflects his work in a complete manner. In line with this, Ali Sinani paints in big formats, as he himself declares, it is easier to rule the painting and enter into it.

As an art critics he has admired the career of the American artist Paul Jenkins for the use of colors which sparkle as jewels, attracting with their formal and tonal acrobatics, so the compositions of Ali Sinani are highly coloristic, on which the wide color pallet is set on expressive ways in different shapes moving towards infinity creating a coloristic structure, getting lost into the abstract.

Colors form their role through light vibration create thus space, deepness and emotion. From his paintings we can understand that red is the blood color, life, happiness and risk; white is for cleanliness and purity; but the one that dominates in his paintings is the blue color which is the color of the sky and sea, highness and deepness, it symbolizes loyalty, devotion, wisdom, self-esteem, blue is highly connected to peace and tranquility.

All these are features which bring the mastery of using the color, line and figure; which represent a basic and essential model and constitute the whole work of Ali Sinani as a painter with impact and sounder in the artistic international stage.

Art Historian,

Jëlldëz Asani

Ali Sinani was born on 30.06.1977 in Dobridoll, Gostivar. R. of Macedonia.

In the faculty of visual arts in Skopje graduated in 2002 ( pedagogical department, painting direction in the class of the professor Rubens Korubin). Master studies completed in the same faculty in 2009 (in the class of Doc. Antoni Maznevski). From 2000, lives and creates in Switzerland, where lectures courses in his Studio Arte in St. Gallen.                                                                                                                                 From 2012, continue with doctoral desertion in Novi Pazar- Serbia.


Solo exhibitions:


2002 – St. Gallen,Switzerland,Gallery  Marko Zotti
2005 – St. Gallen, Switzerland,Caffe Gallery Stephanshorn
2005 – Horn, Switzerland,Cultural Center
2005 – St. Gallen, Switzerland,Historische und Volkerkundemuseum
2006 – St. Gallen, Switzerland,Gallery  Letzte Latern
2009 – St. Gallen, Galerie Die Schwelle
2009 – Skopje, Macedonia, Public Room
2010 – Films, Switzerland,Gallery Saba Steck
2010 – Skopje,Macedonia,Museum of Skopje
2011 – Zurich, Switzerland, Gallery Nordstrasse
2011 – 2012-Mannheim,Germany,Gallery Boehner
2012 – Zurich, Switzerland, Keller Galerie
2012 – Skopje,Macedonia – K.I.C

2014 – Gostivar, Gallery “ KULT”                             

Collective exhibitions:

2003 – Zurich, Switzerland,Helvetia Platz
2004 – Gossau, Switzerland,Gossauer-Kunstlertage
2005 – Zurich, Switzerland,Helvetia Platz
2006 – Sirnach, Switzerland,Albanische Katolische Mission
2007 – Rheinfelden, Switzerland,(in westen)
2008 – Gossau, Switzerland,Gossauer Kuenstlertage
2008 – Schlieren, Switzerland,in westen
2009 – Veles,Macedonia,ILK,historical Museum
2010 – Zurich, Switzerland,Gallery Nordstrasse
2010 – Zurich, Switzerland,auction tag ART SAVOUR
2011 – Aarau, Switzerland,auction tag ART SAVOUR
2011 – Ohrid,Macedonia,Balkan Spirit
2012 – Zurich, Switzerland,Samstag malen mitt Art Savour
2012 – Gostivar,Macedonia -GostivArt                                                                                                 2012 – Skopje, Macedonia, 100 Artists for 100 years independence of Albania.

2013 – Prishtina, Kosovo “ Pleiades of International Artists”

2013- Gostivar, Macedonia “28 November” Draudacum

2013-  Novi Pazar, Serbia “International Exhibition of small format” Gallery of University

2014 – Skopje “International Balkan exhibition K.I.C

2014 – Skopje, Macedonia, – IKON- N.L.B  Tutunska Banka

2014 – Hamburg, Deutschland – International Gallery  “MARZIART”



2003 – Zurich, Switzerland –Golden Palette Agim Ramadani-Helvetia Platz
2005 – Horn, Switzerland -Acknowledgement-courses with students
2005 – St.Gallen, Switzerland – Acknowledgement –Albanian-Swiss  night
2006 – Sirnac, Switzerland – First prize for Painting
2007 – Kreuzlingen, Switzerland – Acknowledgement, Kalliography
2012 – SIK ISEA(Swiss Institut for Art Research),Kunst Buletin,2 Records

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