7 stories project // Goce Stevkovski Septet

It seems that number seven is a universally accepted lucky or holy number in most cultures from west to east. And there appear to be many places where the number seven can be found, including the seven wonders of the world, the seven seas, the seven virtues and the seven colors of the spectrum; add to that list drummer Goce Stevkovski’s debut, 7 Stories.

7 Stories is a rare accomplishment: a post-hard bop album with strong and memorably singable melodies, its beautiful moments striking a perfect balance between flash and subtlety without trying too hard to impress with instrumental virtuosity. Over seven tracks that mix an almost Miles Davis second quintet-like density of sound with languid funk and playful horn harmonies, the band cooks. The tunes are deceptively simple, but close listening finds the great effort that went into making them seem so effortless.
Here are some links so that you can see their great performance:


Few words about the musicians that are making this project possible and so great. Stevkovski’s skill as a band leader might not be as well-known as his tenure with high profile groups like the Bodan Arsovski Ezgija band, Arhangel, Leb I Sol, Project Zlust, DNO or various small-group jazz projects. On this record, however, the drummer has managed an impressive feat by enticing some young horn gunslingers into his front line—Matyas Gayer on Piano, Taulant Mehmeti on Guitar, Kiril Kuzmanov on Alt Saxophone , Sashko Nikolovski on Trombone
And Goce Stevkovski on Drums. 7 Stories is another case of a potent cocktail combining youthful vigor and talent with seasoned veterans into an integrated and impressive whole.

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