Life Through Memories- Book Presentation and Exhibition

Freedom of religion or belief is a practical reality among Albanians, and there is much the world can learn from the Albanian experience in respecting freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief, and achieving inter-religious harmony. The Exhibition and Book promotion of the monograph with documents, photographs and testimonies for the Albanian Catholic families of Skopje is a projects that seeks to put a mark on the time in which we live, a book and an exhibition that, moreover, aims to refresh our historical past, through which the our fortunes were crossed during history.

Writing this book and compiling all the documents, was done by collecting archive documentation from the State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia, the Archive of the National History Institute in Skopje, the State Archives Agency of Kosovo, the Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Albania, the Central Archive of the Albanian State, the State Archive of Vienna, the Archives of Lucerne, the Hungarian archives and the family archives of the Albanian Catholics of Skopje.

This exhibition has made it possible to reflect upon the history of the Albanian Catholic families of Skopje, enlightening new historical facts and truths, which are increasingly being covered by the dust of oblivion.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia

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