Angel Dimovski Čauš

The opus of Angel Dimovski Čauš includes impressive varied media works that show the basic idea and motif of the concept of his preoccupations and his personal artistic idiom. He works in different media and art disciplines (drawing, collage, graphic art, paintings-objects in mixed media), but sculpture has remained his primary reference.

Dimovski’s opus  is generated and subtly varied from the West European contemporary art through influences from the large range of syncretic art in the past periods period of development of the art and the traditions. The basis of his perception is the inspiration by the most distant past (the influence of the pre-historic Venuses and archeological artifacts), the recent past (influences of the African art) and, certainly, the present, but it is important to point out that many of his works are based upon the prehistoric plastic art and artifacts found on the territory of present Macedonia, interpreted in the contemporary artistic language.

By transforming the historic artifacts into  visual observation Dimovski opens a contemporary dialogue with the past, creating surreal associative zoomorphic forms. The process of redefining the visible contents into a surreal one is emphasized by a dense psychological charge and eclecticism in its materialization. The imaginative thrill and surreal perception always include reality. The approach in the procedure and the completion of the drawings of the new artistic transcription is a result of his personal poetic which presents his works with a familiar trait.

The motif in the sculptures of Angel Dimovski is wide, but the woman is the basic motif, interpreted in different modifications of figurative and associative anthropomorphism. The stylization of the human particularity renders free associative-anthropomorphic plastic biomorphic form which shows deformities or emphases of certain body parts.

What makes Angel Dimovski Čauš particular in relation to the other artists is his expressiveness and his personal artistic attributes with which he participates in the presentation of the Macedonian culture and art in the recent artistic world and joins the current events on the world art scene.


Gorancho Gjorgjievski