Artist in Residence: Lulzime Leka-Mulaku

Lulzime Leka-Mulaku was born in June 1966 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. She finished her undergraduate studies at the Academy of Arts in Prishtina under the membership of prof. Rexhep Ferri, as well as her graduate studies in 2001 under the same professor in Painting and Fine Arts.

She also finished her PhD studies in 2011, after successfully defending her dissertation thesis with topic “The influence of figurative techniques in the development of creativity in children”, under the membership of prof. Fehim Huskoviç.

Throughout her whole life she has been engaged as a lecturer in all levels of education in the field Figurative Art.  Over the last two decades she has hosted dozens of exhibitions of her work both, for the domestic public and the international scene, as well as lectured in the State University of Tetovo, Faculty of Arts, where she works to this day.

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