Artist in Residence: Tanja Tanevska

Reception for Artist in Residence Tanja Tanevska to be held on Thursday, June 14th from 6 to 8 pm

The Things We Remember

Since every beginning is an ending, the moment at the beginning of time was the end of eternity. The time started to reign and the servant became a master. The master was perfect and let the servant forget who he really was. The loss of the servant’s memory was a beginning of his search for the forgotten, because a servant is always a servant, even when he is convinced that he is a master. During his search, the pensive servant created the people and gave them the role of searchers. They were searching as blacksmiths, teachers, sailors, as well as doctors, priests and kings. The search seemed to be perpetual and aimless. The perfect master, and what would the master be like unless prefect, showed mercy and decided to confront the servant and give advice. He decided to reveal the greatest secret: that there are no secrets at all, no servants and masters, there is no beginning and ending, and there is no time. Then he created beauty which transformed into art, while art turned into a song, a painting and a poem. The artists who were created as knights of eternity became a necessity. They were humble to sublimity because only thus they could remind the time that there is no beginning and ending, but only perfection. Real art is always perfect. The works of art you see reflect this magic which flawlessly chooses its media. Once again, Tanja has shown that she is worthy to convey beauty with impeccable simplicity; perfection can be nothing less than simply beautiful.

Text: Danilo Oncevski, MA

English translation: Marija Petkovska, MA



Born 1971 in Skopje.

2010 Faculty of Arts, Postgraduate studies, Master of painting, Prishtina, class of Professor Zake Prevukaj.

2006 Advancement in graphics techniques at the graphics workshop by Professor Trajce Blazevski at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje.

2006 One-month study stay at the graphics workshop “Grafikwerkstatt Dresden in den Technischen Sammlungen der Stadt Dresden” in Dresden, Germany.


Study stay at the “Cité internationale des arts” atelier in Paris, France.

1996 Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in the class of Professor Rubens Korubin, in Teaching stream – painting.

1997 Member of the Association of Artists of Macedonia (AAM).

Lives and works in Skopje.



2018 New York City, USA “The things we remember” Gallery-MC New York

2017 Skopje, Macedonia “Artistic symphony of the soul”, National Gallery of Macedonia, Cifte Hammam

2016 Prilep, Macedonia “String instruments” NICC Marko Cepenkov

2014 Sofija, Bulgaria, “Cosmic eroticism of the string and shape”, RM KIC –Sofija

2012 Kavadarci, Macedonia, “Puzzle letter”, Center of Culture

2011 Negotino, Macedonia, “Emotion” ART Gallery

2010 Skopje, Macedonia, “Records of Truth”, National Gallery of Macedonia, Cifte Hammam

2008 Prilep, Macedonia, “Cycle 5.” Drawings, NICC Marko Cepenkov

2007 Skopje, Macedonia, “Exhibition on the occasion of the twinned cities Skopje-Dresden” at the Cultural Informative Center (CIC)

2007 Maribor, Slovenia AAM

2007 Dresden, Germany, “Exhibition on the occasion of the twinned cities Skopje – Dresden”, Kunsthaus Gallery

2006 Dresden, Germany, “Hardcover Diary No. 10”, Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz

2006 Skopje, Macedonia, International poetic happening “Ilinden”, Hotel Belvi

2005 Berlin, Germany “Shodo”, Prima Center – Berlin

2004 Ohrid, Macedonia, International happening “Prlicev’s days”

2003 Skopje, Macedonia, “Atanor”, Museum of the City of Skopje

2003 Zagreb, Croatia, “Cycle 3”. drawings, Lotrshchak Tower

2001 Belgrade, Serbia, Beograd Gallery

2001 Paris, France, “Tactile Lyrical Confession”, Cité internationale des arts

2000 Skopje, Macedonia, “Cycle 1.” Cultural Informative Center

1999 (Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Strumica, Prilep). Macedonia “The Soul of the Stone”


Participation in more than 230 group exhibitions in the country and abroad. International group exhibitions in: Poland, Yugoslavia, Japan, USA, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Korea.


Participation in more than 40 symposia in the country and abroad. International, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Tunisia. 2012 Skopje, Macedonia, Golden brus-AMM


5 awards in Macedonija:

2012 Skopje, Macedonia, Golden brus-AMM

2009 Skopje, Macedonia, Drawing-AMM

2003 Skopje, Macedonia, Drawing-AMM

2000 Skopje, Macedonia, 17 Painting small format-CIC

1998 Skopje, Macedonia, Drawing-AMM

1 international award:

1998 Racibor, Poland II International biennal of small format

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