Balkan Fragments

Gallery MC presents artists in residence Safet Spahiu, Bashkim Mexhiti and Osman Demiri, and their group exhibition titled Balkan Fragments,  with reception for the artists on Thursday, June 13th from 6 to 9 pm

Featured works by Safet Spahiu, Bashkim Mexhiti and Osman Demiri.

From the curator Shpend Imeri:

The symbol of the bull in the Spahiu’s paintings articulates the stubbornness of Balkan people, who prefer to choose instinctively violent solutions over the dialogue to solve their problems.

On the other side, expressive lyrics which is highlighted in Mexhiti’s work at his cycle “Time dimensions” indicates creative soul of those people. Historically, they carry in their soul understanding and tolerance in opposition to the hostilities.

The photography from the cycle “Compromise and Dialogue” of Demiri is a proof of Balkan events who presents and proves to us that everything shall begin and end with a dialogue although in Balkans it is not applied and conflicts, which are usually resolved with intervention of foreign factors appear very often in order to find a compromise.

Each of the artists convey its  Balkan’s creativity and the clear idea that diversities make it exceptional and it takes efforts to find a common ground.


Exhibition entails thirty pieces and will run thru June 19th. 


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