Blerim Grubi and Arjana Kuriu- Grubi, Recital

Recital on Friday, September 21st, at 8pm


Blerim Grubi –Viola and Arjana Kuriu-Grubi  -Piano

1.            Albanian Suite                                                  Rudolf Maros

2.            Elegji                                                                   Ramadan Sokoli

3.            Kenge popullore                                               Ymer Skenderi

4.             Kenge djepi                                                       Tish Daija

5.             Romanca                                                           Albert Paparisto

6.             Elegji                                                                  Rexho Molliqi

7.             Melodi arbereshe                                            Ramadan Sokoli

8.             Romanse                                                            Tonin Harapi (piano)

9.           Jelekun kadife vishe per mu                       (Perpunoi) Desar Sulejmani

10.            Duke Bojadziev                                                Music from Film Scores

11.            Kenge                                                                 Tonin Harapi

12.            Jug-Veri solo viole                                          Perpunim Blerim Grubi

13.            Quasi Kaba                                                        Valton Beqiri


Blerim Grubi

Albanian violist, was born in Skopje, Macedonia on 27.03.1965.

He began viola studies at the primary and the secondary music school “Ilija Nikolovski Lluj”, in the class of prof. P. Nikolov and B. Bratoev. High studies for viola and academic graduation he completed in 1989 at the Faculty of Music Art in Skopje in the class of prof. L. Gospodinov. At the same Faculty he finished the master studies for viola, (1999). In 1995, he participated in the Master course at Chigana Academy in Sienna, Italy, in class J. Bashmet.

After the graduation he was employed at the Philharmonic Orchestra of Macedonia.

In meantime Mr. Blerim Grubi develops intensive artistic activity as viola soloist but also as a part of various chambers of music activities important for the musical life not only in Macedonia (Macedonian Music Days – 1988, 1989, 1990 and 2003 ; FAM recitals at festivals in Skopje, 1989 Macedonia’s representative in meetings of talented young string of former Yugoslavia in Osijek in the manifestation “Franjo Krezhman; 1989 UNICEF concert in Skopje; 1991 soloist with the Philharmonic of Macedonia, 1994; Festival Ohrid, Macedonia, Skopje Festival 1989, 1989 Bach Week Festival 2001), as well as in Kosovo (Days of chamber music from 1999 to 2006), in the former Yugoslavia (Meetings of the Music Academies in Prishtina, 1990 Ljubljana 1988-1989 The Sarajevo 1991) in Tirana (Tirana Symphony Orchestra with conductor E. Krantja .1994 Spain solo concert (“Vivendi” 2000), Slovenia (Muzina Festival, Ljubljana “Vivendi” 2000), etc.

During the eighteens he was the leader of a group of viola at the Youth Orchestra Chamber Music in Skopje led by conductor A. Shurev. After the war in Kosovo he took an active part in the reawakening of the cultural life of this country by establishing “Vivendi Ensemble” with which he organized many concerts in and out of Kosovo. He has been also a member of the arts trio of Kosovo, and one of the founders of the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra as well as a board member of the “Foundation Arskosova” that works in promotion of young talent and musical activities in the country. B. Grubi is the founder and member of the board of International Festival of Chamber Music in Prishtina, founder of the Association of Music and Ballet Artists of Macedonia and founder of the Multi-Culti Festival in Skopje, the founder of the Albanian Foundation for scholarships in Macedonia and one among the initiators and founder of the  music high school in Tetovo. He is also soloist with the Philharmonic of Macedonia and Kosovo, the Orchestra of Tirana (Tob) Chamber Orchestra and Balkan Orchestra.

He has performed many concerts under the direction of distinguished conductors E. Krantja, A. Shurev, O. Balaburski, A. Lekaj, R. Tiseo, S. Nikolovski, L. Fi Fi, B. Lab, J. Barballushi, B. Canev Paul Vajgold, D. Solomon, T. and C. Jaganisava Van Alphen and chamber ensembles with musicians such as P. Vernikov, K. Kenner, E. Fisher, D. Han, D. Mastroyiannis, S. Wirth, B. Previshich, M. Barley, F. De Zan, A. Cesaraccio, P.CamiciaS.Badivuku, A. Prosi, P. Guralumi , A. Paqo, A. Lever, R. Xhoxhi, A. Selita, D. Dikova, M. Vrshkova, M. Kastratovic, L. Pula, L. Elezi, Mr. Badivuku, V. Beqiri, A. Gashi, V. Kajtazi, Xh.Sahatqiu, F. Gashi.

He was a founder and a member of jury of “International Competition of Classical Music-Prishtina” (2003-2006) and international competition, “Musicians of the New Millennium” in Skopje, Macedonia (2004).

He is organizer of the workshop (master) for pupils and students– Struga 2004-06.

Member of the artistic council of the International Festival “Ohrid Summer” (2005-06)

From 1992-2004 was the leader of the viola in the Macedonian Philharmonic.

From 2000 is leading the viola at the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mr Grubi has recorded and promoted his music album which is the first classical CDs in Prishtina, Kosovo,  in Tirana, Albania and in Skopje, Macedonaa (2006).

Mr Grubi is one of the founder of Pan-Albanian Philharmonic Orchestra which is currently based in Tirana, Albania (2011).

He is professor State University of Tetovo, Macedonia and founder of the viola instruments department– University of Kosovo–Faculty of Arts. Currently he is soloist and viola leader in Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra as well as a member of the string trio Ensemble Kosovo, and one of the Directors of Music Foundation -ArsKosova.

Arjana Kuriu- Grubi

Albanian pianist from Tetovo  born on 09.05.1971. In her hometown, she finished a primary music school in the class of Professor Ance Gerasimova while a secondary education she has completed at “Prenk Jakova” Music College in Pristina, in the class of professor Teuta Pllana. She finished a higher education in 1994 at the Faculty of Music in Pristina in the class of Professor Prof.Lejla Haxhiu -Pula. After completion of higher education, she moves to Skopje where she finished postgraduate studies of Methodology of the Piano in the subject of “History of Piano in the Republic of Albania”, in the class of Professor Todor Svetiev. Since 1994, she is employed at the State University of Tetovo as a  Professor of Piano. Futhermore she is engaged as an external teacher in the “Ilija Nikolovski Lui” State Music School in Skopje, teaching at the primary and secondary level classes. Here, she shows a great achievements as a teacher  where her ​​students took part in various state piano competitions in Skopje, Bitola, as well as international competitions such as“ARS-Kosovo” in Pristina, winning awards of first, second and third category. She is also engaged as an assistant musician for string classes at this school, performing through various concerts and also along with competitors. In 2001 and in 2002 she took part in specialized Seminars in Ohrid along with well-know pianist Romanov. She also was part of specialized seminars in Struga together with well-known musicians: Sihana Badivuku violin, Zimbo flute, Maja Kastratovic piano and Blerim Grubi viola. In this regard for many years she has organized workshops for the above mentioned instruments (1996-97). Currently she is engaged as piano accompanist and as schoolmaster in Skopje and in Tetovo.

Event sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia