chamber ensemble BACHUS

E V E N I N G    O F   B A R O Q U E   M U S I C

chamber ensemble


Tanja Petrushevska-Karaskakovska – oboe

Maja Chanakjevikj – oboe

Vladimir Krstev – violin

Igor Mitashev – double bass

Elena Siljanovska – harpsichord/piano

May 21, 2014

at 7:00  pm



  1.  J. B. Boismortier  – Sonata a Quatro






  1. J. S. Bach – Trio sonata  C major


-Alla breve




  1. N. Jommelli – Trio sonata  C major





  1. C. Ph. E. Bach – Trio





  1. G. Ph. Telemann – Quartett






BACHUS Chamber studio is an ensemble that in accordance with the program requirements consists of various instruments. The ensemble works much like a laboratory where chamber music is researched, analyzed and performed on a high professional level.

Started as a trio consisting of oboe, bassoon and piano in 1992, one year later the instrumental forces were broadened with the addition of violin, cello, double bass, flute and one more oboe. From an artistic point of view, bringing in new instruments inevitably created more opportunities for a larger repertoire. In 1994 Bachus had its premire chamber studio performance with a baroque music concert in Skopje.

In 2002 at the “Autumn Music Festivities” in Skopje, for the first time on the concert podium in Macedonia,  Bachus performed Jan Dismas Zelenka’s brilliant and challenging sonatas.

Internationally, Bachus has performed concerts in Serbia and Montenegro at the NIMUS festival, in Ukraine at the International Kiev Summer Festival and at the International Chamber music festival in Prishtina. It has a long lasting and fruitfull collaboration with the Embassies of Italy, Germany, France, Ukraine and also with the Institute Francais and British Council in Skopje. They have made several recordings for the Macedonian National Radio and Television.

Due to the unconventional formation of this ensemble, Bachus has a wide ranging repertoire that among others includes the works of: Zelenka, Bach, Teleman, Vivaldi, Handel, Coupren, Purcel, Monteverdi, Mozart, Beethoven, Poulanc etc.

The members of Bachus are some of the best performing artists in Macedonia: Vladimir Kostov and Vladimir Krstev, violins; Blerim Grubi-viola; Antonio Gashi- violoncello; Igor Mitashev-double bass; Tatiana Petrushevska-Karaskakovska and Maja Chanakjevikj – oboes, Vasko Karaskakovski, bassoon and Elena Siljanoska piano and harpsichord.


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