Classical Music Concert

October 19th at 7 pm:

Classical Music Concert featuring 

Ismet Vejseli-tenor

Anesa Zajazi-cello

Anastasija Gichevska-piano



Ismet Vejseli, tenor 

Anastasija Gichevska, piano

1. J.Dowland: “Come Again”

2. G.Caccini: ”Amarilli mia bella”

3. L.van Beethoven: „Adelaide‘

4. F.Shubert: “Fruhlingsglaube”

5. G.F.Händel: “,,Semplicetto! A donna credi?” – Oronte’s aria (Alcina)

6. V. S. Tole: “Asaman”

7. G.Rossini: “La danza”



Anesa Zajazi, cello

Anastasija Gichevska, piano

1. J. S. Bach: Arioso
2. A. Glazounow: Chant du Menestrel

3. M. Bruch: Kol Nidrei

4. G. Faure: Elegie



Ismet Vejseli

Student of solo singing – Faculty of music – Skopje

Email: ismetv99@

Phone number: +38970741775


Vejseli – born on 11.04.1998 in Kumanovo. After graduating from primary school for Music and Arts, field of Clarinet and solo singing, Ismet decides to go to Skopje at “IlijaNikolovski”-High School, where he graduates on solo singing. There he had the honor to work with Prof.MustafaImeri- Professor of Solo Singing. In High School IsmetVejseli had the opportunity to participate in many state competitions and even international ones. After one full year of hard working with Prof.MustafaImeri, Vejseli was the first place special winner of a state competition for Solo Singing, in North Macedonia. In the next three years, Vejseli was the winner of the first place of the same competition.Ismetthen studied with the great soprano Ana Durlovski at the faculty of music in Skopje, he graduated in 2021, and got the title ,,Graduated solo singer” from the faculty.


In 2016 Vejseli participated in the International Music Festival of Arangjelovac, Serbia, and he was the winner of the first place. In the same year, Vejseli was chosen by “IlijaNikolovski- Luj” to be part of the masterclass in Prizren, Kosovo, where he worked with the well-known soprano from Spain, Prof. Dolores Delgado.

After ten days in Prizren, Vejseli won the opportunity to travel to Forli, Italy, where he had the chance to perform in many concerts and to keep on working with Mr.Delgado even in Italy. Vejseli was even part of European Summer Acadamy – ESMA – in Prishtina, Kosovo, where he had the honor to work with soprano ErionaGjyzeli – Dragoicea. He had many other concerts in Prishtina, Prizren, Skopje, Kumanovo etc.

In 2017 he continues on studying music in “St. Cyril and Methodius”-Skopje, field – Solo Singing, in the group of the worldwide famous soprano Doc.AnaDurlovski.

In 2018 Vejseli performs his first recital in Kumanovo, North Macedonia. He even performs in a festival of modern classical music in Tirana, Albania. He had concerts in Kercovo, Tetovo and many other cities with Youth Orchestra of Tetovo with conductor Mrs.AgonaCupi.

In 2019 Vejseli is part of the masterclass in Berlin, Germany where he works with vocal pedagogue of the Berlin Opera(Berlin Staatsoper), Mrs.SnezanaNenaBrzakovic.

In March of the same year, Vejseli gets invited by the Music Academy as a solist for the 70th anniversary of “St. Cyril and Methodius” University, where he performs with dhe orchestra and the choir of the academy, under the direction of mastroSashoTatarchevski.

In November of this year Vejseli competes in ,,Romansiadatballkanike’’ festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he wins the second place and the opportunity to sing in Russia. After the competition, Vejseli performs in his own solo recital in Skopje, and it was a very successful and important recital for his growth as an artist.

On 8th of December of that same year, Vejseli performs in Moscow, Russia,” in one of biggest international competitions, where he wins the 4th place and again another great opportunity to sing in February 2020 in Kremlin, Moscow in one of the biggest hall of the world.

On 19th of December 2020, Vejseli together with the pianist KolosCurri, performs in Skopje with a well prepared material special for the audience of Skopje, and of course it ended as an very successful concert.

On 23th of December 2020, Vejseli did his debut in the National Opera and Ballet of Skopje, with the role of the soldier in the opera of FatosLumani, called “Scanderbeg”. It is worth to mention that this was a worlwide premiere and qualifies as a historical premiere because it is seen as the first Albanian Opera in North Macedonia.

On 1st of February 2020, he performs in the Royal Hall of Kremlin, in front of an audience of around sixthousand people, where he sings russian romances under the direction of the traditional orchestra of Moscow.

On January 2021, Vejseli won the first place in a online competition for singing, which was held in Krim, Russia.

On July 2021, Vejseli also won the first place in the international competition ,,Lazar Jovanoviç” for opera singing, in Belgrade, Serbia.

On October 2021, Vejseli was accepted in the academy ,,Concertante” in Barcelona, Spain to work with the great maestro Raul Gimenez, who is a master of Bel canto and specially of Rossini. Ismet will continue to work with the great Raul Gimenez.

 On 28th October 2021, Ismet performs in Pristina International Vocal Festival in Pristina, Kosovo. The concert was a great success, and immediately after that concert Ismet was invited to sing with the Kosovo Philharmonic.

On 9th December 2021, Ismet made his debut as soloist with the Kosovo Philharmonic, singing in Tirana with them under the baton of the young conductor Hajrullah Syla. 

Before the end of the 2021, Ismet had two recitals in Skopje, singing a repertoire of songs and arias starting from the early baroque music to the contemperary music.

On 15th January 2022, Ismet was again invited to sing as a soloist with the Kosovo Philharmonic in Pristina, Kosovo.

Since March 2022, Ismet had three recitals in three different cities in Macedonia. Also was part of a concert, where he sung the tenor solo 

Ismet sings regulary with the ProArs choir, a professional choir who collaborates with the Macedonian Philharmonic, and is part of their program through the year. Ismet also sings for Fames recording studio, doing efects and singing for movies around the world.

Since September 2022 Ismet is part of the Slovak National Opera House, as a tenor.





Anesa Zajazi was born in 1997 in Skopje, North Macedonia. She graduated from high school in 2015 in the class of prof.Bozidar Pejic.  The same year she started her studies in the Faculty of music in Skopje in the class od Zivko Firfov where she graduated in 2020. Anesa has attended in many masterclasses with Gal Faganel, Vida Vujic, Antonio Gashi, Sarah Weilenamn. She has participated in various festivals such as Ohrid Summer Festival, Skopje Summer Festival, FIMU-France, Ohrid Perals, Dam Fastival and many more.

During her studies she started playing as violoncello tutti with the National Philharmonic orchestra and now she is currently part of the cello group of the National Opera and Ballet.




Anastasija Gichevska (2000) was born in Bitola, Macedonia. She attended primary and secondary music school in the same city, in the class of prof. Cvetanka Georgieva. She is currently a student at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, in the class of prof. Marija Gjoshevska.

She has participated in several competitions in her field (regional, national and international), having achieved extremely good results: 

-1st prize at the International  Competition for Young Pianists in Gevgelija, North Macedonia (2015)

-1st prize at the International Competition for Piano “Interfest” in Bitola, North Macedonia (2017) 

 -Special 1st prize at the Polyphonic Competition at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, North Macedonia (2019) 

-Special 1st  prize at the International Piano Competition in Tetovo,North Macedonia (2019)

-Special 1st  prize at the International Piano Competition “Ohrid I love you” North Macedonia (2019)

-2nd prize at the International Piano Competition “Ohrid Pearls” North Macedonia (2020)

 -Special 1st prize for Best Performance of a piece by a Macedonian composer at the International Piano Competition “Ohrid Pearls” (2020)

-Special 1st  prize for Best Performance of a piece by Ludwig van Beethoven at the International Piano Competition “Ohrid Pearls” (2020). 

-1st prize at the International Piano  Competition  “Polyhymnia”  Skopje (2021)

Gichevska has been a part of several Masterclasses held by prominent pianists, such as: Oleg Marshev, Sabina Hasanova, Maja Djogo, Bertrand Giraud, Luca Trebecco  and many others. 

She has performed at concerts within the instrumental department of the Faculty of Music as well as other cultural events such as “Chopin Evening”, annual concerts organized by the Music School in Bitola and Skopje, concerts organized by Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia and in the festival “Days of Macedonian Music”.

Anastasija Gichevska has held her own recitals in Skopje and Bitola and is an avid chamber musician, performing intensively as a part of many trios and piano duos.

In 2020, she won the Yamaha Award, which is given to the most successful pianist at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, North Macedonia. 

In 2021, she performed as a soloist with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2022 she continued studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the class of prof. Aleksandar Serdar.


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