”Coded landscapes: East – West Recycled” by Natasa Milovancev

Coded landscapes: East – West Recycled”, Natasa Milovancev

UNUS MUNDUS! The world is One, East and West are created dichotomyes, line of separation and orientation, a point of view and much more a position for a control. The same are unseparatable: measurable and no measurable, absolute an relative, intent and incident, black and white, they are only a transcendental projections of the same. In the reality around us, the picture of the world is cut-outed, repeated and overlapped. So if we copy them mechanically they become un-sameness Same. By the mechanic against the object we are seeing clearly the mechanization of the subject and their mutual exchange. Picking up the fragments of the East and the West we recycle them willing to be One again.


Natasa Milovancev’s cycle of collages “Coded landscapes: East – West Recycled”, enters in an artistic sphere where through a given system of sings she transfers an internal feeling that is deeply conditioned by the space around us. The title itself refers to precisely undifferentiated spaces that binary articulate and synchronically manifest the interior/exterior. Again, her starting point is the establishment of a spatial structure and her strong effect on the human existence, transmitted through the articulation of the collaged surface.

The author through the assembly of the external forms and elements emphasizes the string of the internal, hidden space that has its own secret dynamics. The liner and rhythmic in the composition accentuates spatial order in the collages of Milovancev. The sings of external world in a indirect way express her internal experience and insight as well as the summary of her personal cognitive and esthetic stance.

The fragmentation dominates on the surface of these collages, through the dynamically active, layered zones, i.e. the multiplied images within an image. In them, as an iconographic preposition, the author varies the presence of a single motif, that occurs as a metaphor and poetic sign in and over the space.

Her work, in essence, are transposed images that trough their form in the external world are born out of the long internal process of self-experience in the space. With this Milovancev once again affirms herself as an explorer of the beauty of the ratios that originate from the need to understand the existing relations in the immediate surrounding and maybe bring sense in the world of events.



C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

N a t a s a M i l o v a n c e v

1985-1993    BA diploma from the Faculty of Architecture, Skopje, Macedonia

1990-1995    BA diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting department, Skopje, Macedonia

1999-2003      MA diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting department, Skopje, Macedonia

Member of Macedonian Artists’Association ( DLUM) since 1994.

Works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture, “Sts. Cirill and Metodius” University, Skopje, Macedonia.

 Adress: V.Vlahovik 1 I/8, 1000 Skopje; phone: ++ 389 71 577 393

e-mail: natasamilovancev@yahoo.com 

s o l o   e x h i b i t i o n s


– Skopje, Macedonia, Museum of the City of Skopje, “A View Trough”

– Stip, Macedonia, City Museum – Bezisten, exhibition of paintings1999

– Prilep, Macedonia, Center of culture, exhibition of paintings

– Skopje, Macedonia, Museum of the City of Skopje, “Space Poetics”,

– Ohrid, Macedonia, Museum of Robevci, exhibition of paintings


– Bitola, Macedonia, Art Gallery – Museum of Bitola, exhibition of paintings


– Paris, France, Salle Edouard Marcel Sandez – Cite Internationale des Arts              

Kranj, Slovenia, Macedonian Center Of Culture Gallery

– Podgorica, Monte Negro, Centre of Contemporary Art of Monte Negro


– Skopje, Macedonia, Centre Culturel Francaise


– Sofia, Bulgaria, Cultural Information Center of the Republic of Macedonia


– Belgrade, Serbia, Feniks Art Gallery

2012       – Berlin, Germany, Prima Center Berlin PCB

2014       – Wien, Austria, Embassy of Republic of Macedonia, Being atmosphere: Landscapes

2015      – New York, USA, Gallery MC, Coded Landscapes: East\West Recycled

She has exhibited her work in numerous domestic and international group exhibitions, symposiums, workshops, in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Spain, France.

 r e p r e s e n t e d i n c o l l e c t i o n s

Represented in Casoria Contemporary Art Museum’s collection (Italy) and in the private collections in Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Greece, Italy, France, Germany and USA.


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