Concert by Parnassus Trio



  1. I. Kahn – “Song to the Madzub”

* D. Temkov– „Hope“, Song cycle for soprano and cello

On Poems by Blaze Koneski

Rose, The Service, A Song

* G. Deiss – “She Walks in Beauty”, op.15/1

On Poem by George Gordon Byron 

* J. Hayward – “Aspects”

On Poems by Ursula Vaughan Williams

  1. Nothing there 2. Trees 3. Human

* M. Mihajlovski – „In torment I was born“

Macedonian traditional song


* USA premiere performance


Parnassus Trio


Gonca Bogoromova Krapovski – soprano

Paskal Krapovski – cello

Milica Skarik – piano



Bogoromova, Krapovski and Skaric are Macedonian eminent artists. Their work as soloists, ensemble musicians and teachers influences the musical and educational life in the country and abroad.

The trio starts with the collaboration in 2011. Since then, they regularly perform on all major music scenes across the country.

An important part of their artistic process is the productive collaboration with domestic  and international composers, and premiere performances of the compositions written and dedicated to the trio.

The Trio have a continuous collaborations with Damjan Temkov, Bojana Petrovic, Gerhard Deis, Malcolm Dedman, James Hayward, composers of which this concert program consists of.



For their performances, critics will say:


“It will be too modest to say” a pleasant evening “for the artistic experiences and aesthetic pleasures that the audience has experienced …”, “Inspirational and powerful …”;

– Marko Kolovski


“The Trio has imposed its identity in public, each of its members is emphasized in its individuality, yet it manages the functional integrity within the ensemble. All of them convinced me that there are no insurmountable challenges ahead of them,” “The Perfect End of the Perfect Day.” . “;

– Branka Kostic-Markovic

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