Concert for Piano and Trumpet by Mihajlovski and Kostadinov



  1. J. Hubeau, Sonate for Trumpet and Piano

             – Sarabande

             – Intermede

  1. E. Larsson, Trumpet Concertino op. 45 No.6 

             – Allegro Risoluto

  1. J. Ed. Barat, Orinetale for Trumpet and Piano
  2. Blagoj Angelovski  Teshkoto – for Trumpet and Piano
  3. J. B. G. Neruda, Trumpet Concerto in Es major

            – Allegro

  1. G. Kolarovski, Piano Sonata op.10

            – Andantino

            – Andante

            – Toccata

  1. Z. Manolov, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano
  2. J.Prevert/J.Kosma, Les Feuillues Mortes 
  3. C. Saint – Saens, The Swan (from Carnival of the Animals)
  4. G. Gavrilovski, Dafino for Trumpet and Piano

Angele Mihajlovski was born in Ohrid, where he started his music education. He finishes his high school of music at the DMUF “Sergey Mihajlov” in Stip, in the piano class of prof. Jasminka Bikova – Stojanova. He continues his undergraduate piano studies in the class of prof. Stella Slеjanska, MA at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, where he graduated in 2005. Immediately after graduation he continued his piano education with his postgraduate studies and in March 2010, he receives his master’s degree in piano, prof. Stella Slејanska at the Faculty of Music Sciences – Skopje and obtained a scientific title – Master of Piano. From September 2005 to June 2007 he was employed at the DMSU “Sergei Mihajlov” in Stip, as a piano teacher with corepetition. His professional involvement includes piano instruction in elementary and high school, and also works as an artistic piano associate in the trumpet, flute, horn, clarinet, etc. classes. During this time, he actively participates in numerous concerts and competitions with students from these classes at home and abroad. Since June 2007 he has been employed as a piano assistant at the Music Academy in Stip, and since 2010 he has been working as a piano teacher where he has formed his own class of piano students. At the same time he has been active as a soloist, but also with many musical compositions. Most notable are the concert piano recitals in Paris (France), Brno (Czech Republic), Paracin, Nis (Serbia), Hustendil (Bulgaria), as well as concerts in Ohrid, Stip, Skopje and others. He is also actively involved with the music band Portal, which in 2015 and 2017 they released 2 author compact discs, as well as singles. Apart from the plentiful concert activity, Mihajlovski has participated in many seminars and master courses in the field of pianism with renowned music educators. He is a participant and winner of several national and international competitions, including:

     – Second Prize, Skopje, 2001.

     – Third Prize Interfest – Bitola, 2002

     – special State Competition Award – Skopje, 2003 atc…

     Currently he is an Associate Professor at the Music Academy in Stip, and he is completing his doctoral studies in piano at the Faculty of Music in Skopje – UKIM under the mentorship of prof. Dr. Ana Gaceva and prof. Dr. Viktoria Kolarovska – Gmirja.


Baze Kostadinov was born in Stip. He completed his elementary misic education at the Culture Art Society “Makedonka” with the teacher Risto Angelov. In 1991 he enrolled in the high school of music art in his hometown in the class of professor  Simeon Savev. As a high school student he took part in the state and international competitions in Former Yugoslavia. After finishing high school he continued at the Faculty of Music  in Skopje with his former mentor prof. Simeon Savev. During his studies he is an outstanding student through projects organized by the Faculty, until his graduation he performs in concerts as a soloist, chamber ensembles, orchestras, etc. Until then as the only student who has worked on all types of trumpets is starting from C, C, D, Es and A Piccolo trumpet completed the diploma exam. From 1999 – 2003 he worked as a freelance collaborator in the MNT Opera Orchestra and the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra as the first trumpet soloist. In 2003 he returned to his hometown of DMUC Sergey Mihajlov where he began his professional career first as a chamber music professor and then as a professor of trumpet where he is today. Since 2007 he has been coordinator of the Department of Brass and from 2009 – 2013 mentor of Roma students. In 2010 he enrolled in postgraduate studies in the class of prof. Vaso Ristov, MA, where he successfully completed his studies in 2012 and obtained the title of master of trumped. As professor, he has won more than 100 awards at state international competitions with his students. His students have been proclaimed students of the year several times.                                     

            – Winner of the Awards of Music Successful Pedagogue for the 2012/13 academic year by the Association of Music Educators of the Republic of Macedonia.                                       

            – Accomplishes seminars on trumpet and pedagogical activity in his area.                       

            Since 2015 he has been selected as a professor at the UGD – Stip Music Academy. In October 2017 it renewed the Brass City Orchestra in Stip with 35 members (students, professional musicians and enthusiasts) and in December the first concert after 20 years in the city of Stip of this nature was organized.                                   

            As professor he obtained several certificates for successful pedagogue from the Ministries of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and Serbia.

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