Opening Reception on Tuesday, April 8th from 6 to 8pm

Angélica Bittencourt – painter (acrylic)

Beatriz de Carvalho – sculptor

Cris Mason – painter (acrylic)

Daniel Fontoura – photographer

Eliara Bevilacqua – painter (watercolor)

Elza Aidar – textile art

Jane Wickbold – painter (mixed techniques)

Laís Lopes – photographer

Magie Hering – painter (acrylic)

Marcia Baratto – painter (acrylic)

Rafa Vieira – painter (acrylic)

Thamar Bortoletto – textile art

Theresa Neves – painter (acrylic)

Virgínia Sé – sculptor

Zina Kossoy – photographer

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