Duo Clarinets Gjorevski – Bakrevski

Duo Clarinets Gjorevski – Bakrevski

After many years of performing classical music as soloists as well as members of different ensembles and chamber formations, Risto Gjorevski and Igor Bakrevski decided to put together their individual musical experience as Duo Clarinets Gjorevski – Bakrevski. The idea to perform as a chamber duo was additionally inspired by the common experience of both of the artists in the Orchestra of the national Macedonian Opera and Ballet, where they are currently employed and perform jointly in numerous concerts.

The Duo Clarinets Gjorevski – Bakrevski is formed with an aim to explore the repertoire for this type of chamber ensemble, which is rarely performed on the stages in the Republic of Macedonia, and at the same time to serve as an encouragement to Macedonian composers to compose works for this kind of ensemble. In such a manner, they represent a distinct and respected musical formation in the field of classical music in Macedonia. Their performing as Duo Clarinets has extended the national borders due to their commitment to present Macedonian music and culture abroad by performing in concert halls in a number of European cities such as Sofia, Ljubljana, etc. Their international performance was awarded with a silver award at the international competition in Stanjel, Slovenia (2015).

This is their first performance as Duo Clarinets in front of the audiences in the United States of America.


  1. Crusell – Clarinet Duet No.1 in F

– Allegro moderato

– Poco andante

– Rondo grazioso


  1. Rossini – 4 duets on theme of “The Barber of Seville”

– Ecco ridente in cielo

– Largo al factotum

– Una voce poco fa

– Zitti zitti, piano piano


Pajdushka miniаturаon theme of the Macedonian folk dance “Pajdushko”

             (arr. for two clarinets by Darko Ilievski)


  1. Lefevre – Primer duo concertante – for two clarinets

– Allegro moderato

– Rondo allegretto


  1. Both – Jazz duets

– Manhattan Rag

– Chocolate Lady

– Non Stop

– Daisy

– Boogie for Clarinets


  1. Ognenovski – Pelistersko oro, (arr. for two clarinets by Damir Imeri)




Igor Bakrevski was born in 1987 in Bitola, Macedonia where he completed his elementary and music high school in the class of prof. Pande Tatarcevski. During his studies he has won many prizes at competitions in his country and in other countries.

In 2004 he took part in the European Youth Orchestra “YIMISO” and had many concerts in different countries in Europe.

Next year Igor started his studies at the University “Ss Cyril and Methodius” – Faculty of Music in the class of prof. Ivan Kocharov and he completed the course of studies four years later in 2009. 

In the year of 2007 he also studied at the Boston Conservatory for few mounts with prof Jonathan Cohler. The same year he went back to Macedonia and he started to work with the Macedonian Opera and Ballet where he is still employed until today. 

Igor had solo performances with the orchestra of the Faculty of music – Skopje, The Macedonian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, “FAMES” orchestra for recording music in Skopje, Macedonia and the Big Band of the Faculty of Music.

In 2015 he completed his postgraduate studies at “Ss Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje in the class of prof. Sava Dimitrov. 

Currently Igor is a member of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, plays with the Macedonian Philharmonic as first clarinetist and E-flat clarinetist, first clarinet in FAMES orchestra also with the Skopje wind orchestra and many other chamber groups as “Duo Clarinets Gjorevski-Bakrevski” , “Opera trio” , “Sonoris”, “Consonance” and other different formations.


Risto Gjorevskiis a clarinetist, a graduate ofthe Faculty of Music Artin Skopje, Macedonia where he also obtained his Master degree in 2006. He is a performing artists in different formations – solo, duo, chamber ensembles and orchestras. Risto Gjorevski has performed solo or with different ensembles in Austria, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Russia, Israel, USA, Indonesia, etc. In 2018he completed a post diploma artistical training for clarinet performance at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland.

In Macedonia, he works in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. He is also a member and soloist in the Symphonic Orchestra for Film Music FAME’S – Skopje,the Symphonic Orchestra of CulturOp, member of the Skopje Woodwind Quintet a formation with a tradition of over 40 years, Duo Clarinets, etc. He  has also performed solo with the Macedonian Philharmonic and with the Macedonian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. Recently, he has performed with the Royal Symphonic Orchestra at the Wilanow Palace – Poland, Masovian Symphonic Orchestra – Warsaw, the Symphonic Orchestra of Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsawand has cooperated with the conductors Krzeszimir Debski, Janusz Pszybilski, Robert Rumbelow, Sasha Nikolovski – Gjumar, Borjan Canev, Alexandr Sidnev and musicians as Simon Trpceski, Sergei Petrov, Goran Bojchevski etc.

He performed a chamber concert together with the Macedonian internationally renown pianist Simon Trpcheski as well as with the CulturOp Young Orchestra conducted by the “wunderkind” Ilich Rivas at the Skopje Summer Festival 2009. In 2013, he performedwith Skopje Woodwind Quintet in Bohemian National Hall (New York City, USA) at  a United Nationscelebrationattended by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mun. The concerts together with Sergei Petrov – the first clarinetist of Bolshoi Theatre – Moscow performed in Bitola and Ohrid Sumer Festival 2014 left a significant impression on the audience and attracted positive critics. He had a remarkable solo performance with the Moscow State Academic Simphony Orchestra in Moscow 2015 and asolo performance with the Wind Orchestra of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland 2017.Risto is a member of the jury since 2013 and has had solo performances at the International Moscow Festival for Slavic Music.

He holds a first prize for clarinet for the 1994 and 1997 state competitions as well as first prize for chamber music in the 2002 state competition.Most recently, the“DUO CLARINETS Gjorevski-Bakrevski” won the Silver Award at the international competition in Svirel, Slovenia in the cathegory of chamber musicin April 2015.

Risto Gjorevski has attended numerousmasterclasses with renown clarinetists -Philip Paglialonga, Yoko Yokota, Paul Mayer, Gabor Varga, Nicholas Cox.

He has recorded one solo compact disc –  „Moments of Clarinet” and two CDs with the Skopje Woodwind Quintet.

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