Piano Duo Gelebesevi- Concert

The piano duo Gelebesevi (Katerina Gelebeseva-Kostadinovska and Gligor Gelebesev) have been present on the Macedonian scene and wider for almost fourteen years now. In that period, their career have taken off, both in the reproductive art and in a direction of creating permanent music works, mostly realized at the Macedonian Radio  Television. They have earned remarkable reputation with the professional critics whit his numerous performances at various festivals in Macedonia (Ohrid Summer, Skopje Summer, Heraclea Evenings, Prilep Summer, Golden Lira- Skopje, Days of Macedonian Music, etc.). The outstanding marks whit the critics have also been a result of their many tours throughout Macedonia.
On 21 june 2005, the duo performed at the Edmond Michelet Hall in Paris, the occasion being the World Music Day and start his international career. The duo has performed also in Serbia, Romania, Holand, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria etc.

The performance of the Gelebesevi duo is a quite, unobtrusive, romantic piano story that radiates strong artistic message and the wisdom that the highest artistic results can be only be reached when touched by real artistic hands that can give birth to a powerful musical art, to turn then into a divine game, both calm and glamorous, fascinating and mystic or joyful at the same time.





C.Debussy- petite suite

-En bateau





F.Chopin- Variations in D-Dur (sur un air national de Moore)
E.Chabrier- Espana


S.Racmaninoff- Six morceaux op. 11

-Theme Russe

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