Elevator Machine Room- Robert Voisey and David Morneau

Elevator Machine Room is an idea born in a late night stale-whiskey-and-cold-french-fry induced haze. It is manifested in the performances of Robert Voisey and David Morneau. These composers work together to create epic stories and soundscapes using little more than their wits and computer savvy. Elevator Machine Room is unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. There are no happy endings or intellectual ennui, only cold-hard truth and sloppy electronic soundscapes.

David Morneau is a composer of an entirely undecided genre, a provider of exclusive unprecedented experiments. In his work he endeavors to explore ideas about our culture, issues concerning creativity, and even the very nature of music itself. learn more @ http://5of4.com/

“The word ‘viral,’ comes to mind as a trendy but disquietingly accurate image for Robert Voisey’s infectious enthusiasm. He is always ready to
mutate and reinfect the process as indicated to maintain the highest degree of project fever” – Richard Arnest, Sounding Board

Composing electroacoustic and chamber music, his aesthetic oscillates from the Romantic to the Post Modern Mash-Up. Voisey’s electronic work ranges
wildly in style and aesthetic but has the common feature of being collaborative and community orientated. Some of his current projects include: one minute electronic works for 60×60; 50 second miniatures named for each State in the Union; and Constellations, a project of miniature ambient pieces put together in a mobile form.

Rob Voisey’s neo-romantic chamber works are routinely performed in New York City on the Composer’s Voice concert series and his 10 minute opera was
featured on “Opera Shorts” produced by the Remarkable Theater Brigade. His chamber works are routinely featured in New York on the Composer’s Voice
concert series as well as other new music performances

program notes:
Confessions of a Digital Proselyte is Morneau’s second solo electronic music album, a set of raucous experiments creating an utterly unique blend of rhythms, atmospheres and chaotic sonic detritus seamlessly integrating old school industrial intensity with an undeniably fresh strain of digitized rampage. Tonight he is performing Mortal Sin(e) and Venial Sin(e).

Constellations is a layered mix of many one-minute ambient miniatures. Each miniature is named after a constellation and almost exclusively uses vocal
samples from the voice of Robert Voisey. These miniatures are used like a sonic mobile which can be used in any order, layered on top of one another,
with any subset, or repeated to create a new sonic “mix”. Each new mix is named after the venue which premiers the specific Constellation mix.

In the tradition of American storytelling, “Lab” belongs to the aesthetic of Robert Ashley’s operas. The oral tradition is well established and its
artistry relies not only on the content of the story but also on the telling. Many of the methods and structure parallel musical composition. Plot, pacing, and inflection relate directly to form, tempo, and timbre respectively. “Lab” is a story about a time in Robert Voisey’s life. It is also a reflection of youth and its naive rush toward the inevitable. This work is composed and performed by Elevator Machine Room (Robert Voisey and David Morneau).

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