Ensemble ConTempora in Concert



Katerina Bachevska – flute
Vladimir Lazarevski – oboe
Igor Ivanov – clarinet
Goran Janev – horn
Marjan Miloshevski – basson


  1. Ljubomir Brandjolica (1932): Wind quintet on Macedonian revolutionary songs (1970)
  2. Aleksandar Djambazov (1936): Humoresque (1985)
  3. Stojan Stojkov (1941): M..S..A (2013)
  4. Vulnet Tairi (1982): Four pieces (2015)
  5. Valentina Velkovska-Trajanovska (1976): Black sun (2015)
  6. Vanja Nikolovski Gjumar (1968): Nusbarok suite (1996)
  7. – – – „Gjorgi Bozikov“ Award Ceremony – – –



The ensemble for contemporary music “ConTempora” was founded in 2014 by the Composers’ Association of Macedonia – SOCOM with the aim of performing newly-created works by Macedonian composers. The idea behind the formation of the ensemble was imposed as a result of the unavoidable need to fill the gap in the contemporary Macedonian music culture and to create space for a chamber music group, which will act exclusively in the field of contemporary music and will perform works by Macedonian and foreign composers. Ensemble “ConTempora” consists of twenty musicians, all of which carry significant experiences in contemporary music performance. Depending on the repertoire, “Contempora” performs in different formations. The ensemble gave its first concert as part of the General Assembly of the European Association of Composers and Songwriters (ECSA), which was held in Skopje in September 2014. In recent years, “ConTempora” has toured in the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia and given several concerts in Macedonia. In this time frame, the ensemble has recorded several new works by composers from USA, Iran, Italy, Indonesia and others, given nearly 50 premieres of works by authors from Macedonia, USA, Italy, Indonesia, Great Britain, Hungary and presented several well-known works from the 20th century music repertoire.


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