2014 events

04/24/2014 - 04/24/2014

Concert will feature music from Electronic Music Midwest, an amazing and fun electronic music festival.

04/15/2014 - 04/21/2014

Saturday Gallery Hours: 1 to 6 pm

04/10/2014 - 04/10/2014

Macedonian Traditional Music performed by Timko Chichakovski, Trajche Davkov and Filip Shurbevski

04/07/2013 - 04/13/2014

Artists Exhibiting: Angélica Bittencourt - painter (acrylic), Beatriz de Carvalho - sculptor, Cris Mason - painter (acrylic), Daniel Fontoura - photographer, Eliara Bevilacqua - painter (watercolor), Elza Aidar - textile art, Jane Wickbold - painter (mixed techniques), Laís Lopes - photographer, Magie Hering - painter (acrylic), Marcia Baratto - painter (acrylic), Rafa Vieira - painter (acrylic), Thamar Bortoletto - textile art, Theresa Neves - painter (acrylic), Virgínia Sé - sculptor, Zina Kossoy - photographer

04/04/2014 - 04/04/2014

Eclectic fusion of modern and traditional Balkan beats and melodies.

03/28/2014 - 03/28/2014

Music by Lynn Bechtold, Takuma Itoh, Peter Jarvis, Beata Moon, Jeff Myers, Milica Paranosic, Gene Pritsker, Dave Soldier and Michael Vincent Waller

03/27/2014 - 03/27/2014

The inaugural concert of a brand new electroacoustic series providing audiences with half a concert of performance of local composers and musicians and the other half with eletroacoustic works from visiting elctroacoustic composers and sound artists.

03/22/2014 - 03/22/2014

Goddess Chronicles is a collection of intimate and introspective interpretations of Goddesses of different cultures though voices of different art disciplines. This multimedia show is performed in various lengths and presented by varying casts, a full version being a set of 9 goddess-vignettes for a cast of 20.

03/14/2014 - 03/15/2014

"For the past 30 years, Composers Concordance has been a booster for local composers, through both its concerts across the city and a record label." -The Wall Street Journal. "Enterprising new music organization" -The New York Times. On Saturday, March 15th at 7pm, Composers Concordance presents its contemporary music and art event 'Pitches at an Exhibition II - The Ides of March' at the innovative Gallery MC in NYC.

03/02/2014 - 03/02/2014

When one watches most films or television programs, half or more of the communication is the sound, not the picture. For most films, a blind person hearing only the sound will understand more than a deaf person watching the same film (without subtitles). Yet many beginning digital cinema makers tend to focus on the “shots” and other visual aspects and not worry about the sound. Thus many of these low-budget or no-budget digital films suffer from poor sound quality that weakens the film.

01/23/2014 - 1/30/2014

Having on mind our social role and the role of the poster facing great challenge towards the cultural needs for the global problems and pointing the issues with a possible visual solution, we have created a short list selection of 50 poster which include the 10 finalist of each year.