2023 events

06/03/2023 - 06/03/2023

Saturday, 7 PM: Concert at Chelsea Table & Stage on Saturday, June 10th at 7PM.

06/01/2023 - 06/08/2023

Reception for the artists on Thursday, June 1st from 6 to 8 pm: In it, through the discourse of the self-portraying features, present in the conceptually structured works: the hanging installation, but also in the polyptic solution of the work "Angel's Scream", in the monochromatic and perforated images-objects (given in several variations) and the drawings performed with the labyrinth ink, the author, quite consciously through the complex network of signs and symbols (, cross, zero) penetrates the subjective dimension / identification of the contrast between full and empty, light and shadow, life and death.

05/18/2023 - 05/18/2023

Thursday, May 18th from 7 pm: Twenty-six composers, in alphabetical order (first, middle or last names), present their short electronic music compositions. The event will be mostly electronic, with some electro-acoustic music presented as well.

05/02/2023 - 05/02/2023

Tuesday, May 2nd from 7 pm: "On Music Education, Psychology and Different Abilities" takes readers on a journey through the world of music education, exploring topics such as violin playing schools, the psychology of music, and the connection between music and different brain creativities. The book offers insights into how music can be used as a tool for healing and emotional support, as well as how it can be adapted to suit the diverse needs of students with different abilities.