For(Behind) the Void by Artist in Residence Marina Cvetanovska


For the full to empty, for the third dimension in two-dimensional, for the much importance of white, for the core the shadow, the line that defines the volume, logical incomprehensibility, for visual deception of trained eye and many other aspects related to the key visual elements and their ratios, speaks Marina Cvetanovska Martinovska in his latest project “For (Behind) the Void”. Cvetanovska – Martinovska previously explored much of this juxtaposition, but in a different constellation or ratio, with different materials and sometimes in contrasting penetrations. In the actual new episode, ie new visual cycle, she selects forex as a material that is sufficiently “monochrome”, “hard”, “flat” and “elastic”, and in contrast to perform  a lot of softness, transparency and field concern. The author, thermally, intervenes to shrink and to highlight trimmed forms in space (self-portraits, arms, strips of sheets, letters, packages); she sews them on a sewing machine with an empty stitch or colored thread in order to achieve perforation, line, graphical game on the hard material; conceptualized and grouped objects (with gradation formal visualizations), she sets them in space (creating installation and entering into  the “fullness” of white with white) … etc.  Formal association and recognition have task to convey the message from the author and to  be visually and conceptually decoded by the recipient. “Lightness” of the contents core puts emphasis on fine denseness and inventiveness. The game of light and shadow play the major role in the conceptual rationality and creation of spatial ambiguous “presence” in space. As a final conclusion to this pre-concentrated analysis, I would quote the  Zen, ie meditative element of the project, which derives from the fullness to the void  and the strength of the white.

Anna Frangovska, a curator

The opening will be accompanied with a piano performance by Biljana Petrovska

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