I Speak Music x Throes Theater present: Spiritual Terrorists

“But I know that there is not going to be any dialogue or any conversation between the two of us. Our talk is bound to be in the nature of a monologue.” — U.G. Krishanmurti

Ryan Pratt: someantics for Viola, for a Cantonese speaker and electronics (staged by Alexandra Zelman-Doring)
James Currie: Note to Self, for 2 performers
Igor Stravinsky: Soldier’s Tale, part I (new interpretation by Throes Theater)

“Tell them there is nothing to understand” -U.G.
Ryan Pratt’s Someantics for Viola explores the function of this human instrument, and its listening mechanism.

“I had decided that I needed to sort out my life. I devised a method for making notes to myself so that I would remember what was important. But I then went back and found that they were completely indecipherable. I felt as if my plans for happiness had been written by a people now dead, whose language had long since disappeared. I felt barred from my own optimism. I felt stupid and angry and ridiculous. Some time then passed and I forgot my disappointment. Now, by comparison, I just feel stupid and angry and ridiculous.” James Currie, on his new piece Note to Self.

The Soldier’s Tale is a theatrical work “to be read, played, and danced” by three actors and one or more dancers, accompanied by a septet of instruments. In this new and exciting interpretation, one actor, Alexandra Zelman-Doring, encompasses the three characters (Soldier, Reader, and the Devil) through a contemporary translation of the original French text by C.F. Ramuz (1918). The accompanying music includes Stravinsky’s transcription of the score for three instruments while the other movements are transcribed by Mahir Cetiz, holding true to the sanctity of Stravinsky’s score. This exciting performance, directed by Zachary Schoenhut, relates the parable of a soldier who trades his fiddle to the devil in return for unlimited economic gain.

Viola Yip, speaker
Jamie Currie, speaker
Elizabeth Derham, violin
Naum Goldenstein, clarinet
Mahir Celtiz, piano
Alexandra Zelman-Doring, actor

Alexandra Zelman-Doring ( someantics for Viola )
Zachary Schoenhut (The Soldier’s Tale)

Throes Theater: http://www.throestheater.com/
I Speak Music Project: http://idontjustspeak.wix.com/ispeakmusic

cover: general 15/ student 10 (at door)

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