Ik-Song Jin

‘Timeless Door’,  July 05 – 15, 2012,  Artist name: Ik-Song Jin

Timeless Door

Iksong Jin

‘Timeless Door’ series is produced in the studio which is located in New York Times Square in February 2008.

‘Timeless’ is a word that means perpetuity, which refers to ‘a

perpetual door’ or ‘an endless door that is piled up forever’.

There is only one door in the piece, but it was intended to represent numerous doors that are piled up in front of our life through the clocks situated in and outside the door.

Our life has each individual door of desire which, when chosen by us upon our expectation and imagination, leads us to a different path of life and experience in the world.

It may be the door of challenge and accomplishment for those who

had a certain goal in their life, the door of wisdom and spiritual awakening for the seeker, the door of love and charity for the believer…. Although there are numerous doors in front of us, the door of ‘time’ that awaits us is the one that we can’t avoid as we grow old toward a maturity.

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