God and I: song cycle for voice, piano, violin and guitar (Andrijana Janevska, Nikolina Janevska, Ivan Eminovikj and Dragan Ginovski – Gino)


  1. Prayer to the Holy Mary
  2. We praise you
  3. Glory to God in the Highest
  4. Cherubic Hymn
  5. Symbol of Faith
  6. It is truly worthy
  7. With my voice
  8. All-Night Vigil
  9. Let our mouths be filled with Thy praise
  10. Lord’s prayer

„God and I“ is a cycle of 10 songs for voice, piano, violin and guitar. 

1 and 0 – are everything and nothing, black and white, big and small, God and Man, life and death.  Every song is going through the three stages.

The first stage, the Birth or God image, is backed up by strict melody line and harmonic progression symbolizing the authority and awe. The divine light would be unseen and the glory not testified, and the goodness unnoticed, and everything else seen in the God’s nature would remain unseen, if there was  not somebody who would enjoy it.  

And God made the man according to His own form.

The life of the Man is shown in the second stage. It has the same bass line as in the first stage (Divine voice), while the melody line (the line of life with risings ups and falling downs) has been changed because of Man’s sins. The harmony in this stage in fact is the disharmony of life of the man without God. The counter punctuality in the canons represents the everlasting striving of the man to reach God. However, even in the middle of sufferings arising out of the Sin is revealing God’s love. The Earthly love is burning and is burning away. The Heaven’s love is burning and is never burning away. The Love has three hypostases: purity, revelation and holiness. Without purity the love is not filled with mercy, but earth selfishness and lust. Without revelation love is not wise, but ignorant. Without holiness love is not a strong, but weak.

The third stage is the eternity, the zero, the cycle is cohesion between God and the Man, one unique whole which is in total harmony and synthesis.  The Man is longing to reveal the highest Being and wishes Divine Eternity.

Our Father, as the Lord’s prayer is the last in the cycle and represents the final joining of God and the Man, by the Man’s trust in God and in the eternal life. 

„That’s why you are love and there is no darkness in You. When I am joined with You by love, then the heaven and the earth are not existing – there is only God. Neither You and I exists  – there is only God.     Dear God, please honour me with love, in which you live and give life. Please honour me with your love and I will be released from all laws. Put Your love in me and the love will place me in You”.

Andrijana Janevska, born on 6th of December 1981 in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia is a famous Macedonian singer and musician. Andrijana started her studies in the School Centre for Music Education in Skopje at the age of 6, and in 2011 finished her master studies at the Faculty of Arts in Skopje. At the moment, she is finishing her PhD at the Institute of National History. Andrijana Janevska’s talent was first exposed to the public in 1998, and since she has released 7 albums and 35 singles. Andrijana Janevska has won many awards and honors in this country and abroad. She is very active in charity work and projects related to environment protection, children rights, animals protection etc. She has performed in fifteen European countries, Australia and the USA. In addition, she worked as a professor of music at the University of Audiovisual Arts, ESRA Paris – Skopje – New York, as music teacher at the high school “Algoritam”, violin teacher at the music school in Kumanovo and as a teacher of solfeggio, theory of music, stage singing and piano at the music school “Entreprise”. At the moment she is teaching stage singing at the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje and she is a full-time employee of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet as first violin. Apart from her singing, she plays the violin, the synthesizer, the piano and the bass guitar. She is also composing, arranging, orchestrating, singing up backing vocals, writing lyrics as well as being a producer.

Nikolina Janevska, mezzo soprano was born in Skopje, Macedonia. She started her studies in the School Centre for Music Education in Skopje at the age of 8, and in 2012 finished her Bachelors degree at the Faculty of Arts in Skopje. She debuted in the National Theatre in Skopje in 2012, where she is currently employed like soloist for principle roles, and sang a great number of different titles. Some of the memorable roles were Dorabella, Fenena, Nicklaus, Berta, Flora and Zerlina, but maybe her best was the role of Olga in the opening of the May Opera Evenings festival 2016.

Ivan Eminovikj, conductor, born in 1988 in Skopje, Macedonia. Ivan began to study music at the age of 6 and in 2012 finished his master studies at the Faculty of Arts in Skopje with honours in orchestral conducting with the opera “Rita” by Gaetano Donizetti. As a pianist, Ivan performed in many concerts in Macedonia and abroad and has received numerous prizes and awards at national and international competitions (National Music Competition in Skopje,International Music Competition “Interfest” in Bitola, festival “ERTA” in Osijek, Croatia and others). His artistic portfolio includes many productions of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, among them La Traviata, Nabucco, Carmina Burana, Il Barbiere di Seviglia, Eugeni Onegin, Adriana Lecuvrer, Don Giovanni, Turandot, Requiem Mozart and also numerous concerts.

Dragan Ginovski – Gino, born on 30th of March 1967 in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia is a famous Macedonian guitar player and musician. Dragan Ginovski graduated from the Faculty of Metallurgy in 1993. He spends his free time repairing string instruments. He has cooparated with Goran Trajkovski, Alexandar Veljanoff, Moons, Mooger-fooger, V.I.S. Vox. He is author and arranger of many Macedonian songs. At the age of 15 he formed “Gino de Gagi” – urban underground band. In 1988, he created the Macedonian cult band “Arhangel” together with Risto Vrtev. He was a member of this band until 2011.