“in the house”

Exhibition from ‘in the house’ artists curated by Mensur Bojda and organized by Natasa Simovska Poposki 


Don Porcaro, Martin Mullin, Gary Dipasquale, Gorazd Poposki, Natasha Das, Mensur Bojda and Steven Crawford.

Don Porcaro:  @porcarodon


Martin Mullin: Golden Book Series, 2018. www.martinmullin.com



Gary DiPasquale: “Black Roman Vases”, 2014 slab constructed w/glaze ceramic


Gorazd Poposki: White Marble, Sivec. 2012 & 2018. www.gorazdpoposki.com



Natasha Das: Portrait, Oil and Tread on Canvas 18 x 20″.



Mensur Bojda: www.mensurbojda.com



Steven Crawford: www.stevencrawford.com


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