Life Ellipsis

Life Ellipsis as an idea sprung as a result of my lifelong question: ‘What could have happened if..?’ This, coupled with my own daily anxiety about the assumed ‘imminent threat’ of a terrorist attack, led me to create this project. I am attempting to show you a single moment in two separate ways. I do this by sharing a live performance accompanied by a filmed performance of ‘recorded reality.’
I myself am dumbfounded. What kind of a mindset leads one to create a reality for themselves in which they are at war? In Life Ellipsis, the text is the connection between the two realities. In front of you, the actors perform a scene. Yet simultaneously they are on film performing a different reality of the same moment. The moments of written text with an ‘…’ is an ellipsis. Are these moments simply movements between two different realities?

I’d like to imagine that if politicians can create a reality of war (i.e. the reality in which the US finds itself now), then it is possible to have a reality without the politicians being responsible for that decision. Unfortunately I can’t, and the war on terror remains an ongoing threat. Life Ellipsis invites you to ask yourself how sure you are of which reality is more ‘real’ to you, recorded or otherwise…

by Goran Ivanovski

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