MACEDONIAN FOLKLORE: New Objects of Desire- by Gordana Vrencoska

Gallery MC

07/13/2013 – 07/25/2013
Opening Reception on Saturday, July 13th from 6 to 9pm

London’s Central Saint Martins’ graduate, artist, designer and teacher Gordana Vrencoska will debut in the U.S. with her 8th solo show “Macedonian Folklore”. After Skopje, Belgrade, Beijing, Vinica and Bitola, her “New Objects of Desire” are envisioning another exciting encounter with the audience. “A visual art-erudite, as Gordana Vrencoska is, cannot remain indifferent towards a quasi appreciation of traditions. She reacts, then ascertains and ‘intervenes’ with her own vocabulary upon the current desecration of the own identity” – Ana Frangovska, the project curator wrote in her text. “Vrencoska, as expected, did not attempt to impose some dominant perceptions on folklore stereotypes, but to extract the most refined ingredients and place them in our modernity. Without pathos, she has created works for eternity” – says art critique Katerina Bogoeva. According to Elizabeta Kanceska – Milevska, Minister of Culture, R. of Macedonia, “Vrencoska’s photographs, objects, paintings and graphic prints are a testimony of the cosmopolitan dimension of our Macedonian spiritual values”.

What we should expect is a revelation of mystery and metaphysical spirit that ordinary objects silently bring to our everyday lives.

The project is supported by the Macedonian Ministry of Culture.

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Interdiciplinary Artist, Designer and Educator. She lives and works in Skopje, R. of Macedonia.
2005 MA Design Studies, Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London.
1997 BA Painting and Fashion Design, Faculty of Fine Arts Skopje, UKIM.
Since 2006 Vrencoska teaches at the European University, Faculty of Art and Design in Skopje.