MC Young Artist Intro Series: Ivana Mladenovska

Ivana Mladenovska

“Railways everywhere”

The theme “Railways everywhere” is contributed by the brave combination of the artist graphic and painting actions.  Ivana Mladenovska, artist from Macedonia is presenting her canvases with her rhythmic colorful script, released from the objectiveness. At the beginning she apply her primary conception for the composition order, everything else comes spontaneous, through many consecutive simplifying actions, without trying to make some overhead retouch of the painting in order to create appropriate level of pleasing. Her art is overwhelmed with the simple, hidden mysteries on the border of our vision.

Fascinated by the railways, is where she finds romanticism and inspiration for her art!   Exploring the idea of hidden worlds, along the railways which are everywhere, Ivana uses uncomplicated and repetitive ingredients, and employ simplicity and precision to illustrate the complex and meandering.

Gordana Knezevic

Art Historian

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