Mieko Arai & Midori Miyabe – Japanese Painting & Calligraphy


June 20-21, 2016

Reception for the artist: Mon, June 20 from 5:00 pm-8:00 pm
Mieko Arai, Nihonga painter in Japan belongs to Nihon Bijutsuin (日本美術院 lit. “Japan Art Institute”: non-governmental artistic academic organization in Japan dedicated to Nihonga; Japanese style painting). It is 400 year anniversary of Rinpa (琳派 Rinpa: a major historical school of Japanese painting), honored to be showing her work of flowers and birds with gold and silver. She is collaborating with her daughter, Midori Miyabe’s calligraphy work at this show, to introduce the beauty of mineral pigment and ink together.

For sending condolences and supporting recent Kumamoto disaster in Japan, contributions and partial profit of this exhibition will be donated to Consulate General of Japan Relief Fund.

Gallery MC
549 West 52nd Street 8th Floor New York NY
(Between 10th and 11th Avenue)
Phone: 212-581-1966

Contact Mieko Arai
mobile: (347) 259-5889
e-mail: kaerum45@yahoo.co.jp

Admission: Free – Open to Public


US FrontLine:


Attached image:
Fūjin (風神) and Raijin (雷神) which are god of the wind and god of the lightning, thunder and storms in the Shinto religion and in Japanese mythology, combined with calligraphy image.


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