Music Progressive Quartet

Gallery MC Music presents:


Performing at

Ensemble Studio Theater, 549 West 52nd Street, NYC 10019 on March 17th, at 8 pm

for info contact: 212.581.1966  0r

MUSIC PROGRESSIVE QUARTET, a band from Macedonia, is comprised of Vladimir Lazarevski (oboe and English horn), Vladimir Krstev (violin and tambura), Marko Videnovik (viola and composer), and Paskal Krapovski (cello). The artists of the band are also members of the Macedonian Philharmonic national orchestra and University  “Goce Delchev” (Stip,Macedonia).

The main idea and driving force of these young musicians is to bring refreshment on the Macedonian music stage, and also to successfully present Macedonian traditional music to the world market by mixing the sound of Macedonian folklore with jazz influence, and by using instruments which are mainly used in classical music.

Music Progressive quartet has had many concerts in Macedonia, as well as abroad. Their last performance in US was in March 2008, when they performed at the Gallery MC in New York. Besides the concert in New York, they have performed in Moscow, Rome, Vienna, Sofia, Kikinda, and Belgrade. Their most successful solo performances were in Vienna in 2009 at the famous jazz club “Porgy and Bess,” where they had a concert of their own, as well as guest performances with the renowned Macedonian jazz player Toni Kitanovski.

Learn more about the band, and hear some music, at our website and myspace.

Their next performance will be at Balkan Music Night 2011 in Concord,MA on March 19th,  2011


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