Nevenka Dukovska on Piano & Vane Arevski on Flute

Date: April 16th at 7 pm




K. Todorovski – Song

V. Atanasov- Fantasie for Oboe and Orchestra /Flute

V. Atanasov – „Kazi mi Kazi Katinke“ 

T. Prokopiev –  Dojranka, Suite for Flute and Piano

S. Ivanov – „Dafino Vino Crveno“

S. Ivanov – „Aide Slushaj, Slushaj…“ Arrangement of Macedonian Folk Songs

I. Eminovik – Pajdushko 

G. Smokvarski / V. Atanasov Arr.-„Тeshkoto“


  The selected program abounds with music that unites, pulsates in a unique rhythm and provides a kind of “journey” to the homeland. The goal of the works to be performed  for flute and piano from Macedonian composers is to present and actualize the Macedonian cultural contemporary work, based on traditional folk music.




Nevenka Dukovska    pastedGraphic_1.png

Nevenka Dukovska (Trajkova), pianist, born in 1984 in Skopje, Macedonia. Comes from a music family and she has been playing the piano since her early age.
She studied music art at “ Sergej Mihajlov” the school of music in Shtip, the town where she also lives and works.  Graduated at the piano department at the National Music Academy “Pancho Vladigerov” – Sofia, Bulgaria in a class of the Prof.Anton Dikov and the assistant Elena Dikova. She finished her post graduate/master studies at the same Music Academy, also at the piano department.
In 2013, she finished her PhD and received doctoral degree at the same music academy, in the field of chamber music and collaborative piano.  Through those researches, she actively promotes contemporary music. 

Currently she is working as a professor at the Music academy in the University Goce Delchev in Shtip, Macedonia.
She is a member of international competitions, as artistic director, president and a member of international juries in Macedonia and abroad. She is a winner of several first prizes as a pianist, as well as an award from the Art Festival “Lake Pearls” – Struga for the best artistic associate, collaborative piano. Also she is a winner of two „November 8“ prizes from the city of Stip and the city of Negotino. In 2018, she also received recognition from the mayor of the city of M`diq, Morocco, Africa for her contribution in the field of culture. 

She has attended a lot of piano seminars, symposia and international conferences; also she has participated in many international and national competitions, International Art Festivals etc.
As a pianist and accompanist she has actively performed in Macedonia, Italy, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey. Besides numerous solo concerts, she has also performed with various chamber ensembles. Nevenka Dukovska is a permanent member of the Chamber trio (soprano, flute and piano), as well as the classical Duo “Grazioso” (soprano and piano), with which she performed at various festivals in Macedonia and abroad : Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria (2015 and 2016), Spain and a several times in Morocco, Africa (2016, 2017 and 2018). 

She has realized a few projects supported by the Ministry of Culture, the first one named “Autobiographical portraits of Macedonian composers” was in 2012 with Vancho Arevski (flute), after that in 2017 – a few concerts at the festival „Entrerritmos“ in Morocco with Kristina Palija (soprano), 2018 – Concert in Kavadarci, Macedonia, also contemporary music, and this year 2022, a concert in New York and two concerts in Spain are provided.

She is an author of the following Scripts : „The Educational Process in Mastering and Developing Pianistic Technique through Performance of  Modern Pieces for Intermediate and Advanced Level Students, „Culture and Human Development Through Music Education: Specifics of the Interpretation and Complementariness in Chamber Musicianship, Characteristic for the Educational Development of Music Students“ and “Development of Piano Technique, Listening Skills and Correct Interpretation of Selected Piano Works by Macedonian Composers”, also she has two scripts of exercises: “Prima Vista” and “Transposition”. The author has also submitted titles published from scientific books in Amman (Jordan), Sofia (Bulgaria), Magazine “Music” – Struga and other annual collections. 2021 came out her first book „Contemporary Notation in the Literature for Piano“.


Vane Arevski      pastedGraphic.png

Vane Arevski – flutist, born 1984 in Stip

Started education in music at the Central Music School in Stip, where he finished secondary education.

Graduated at the University St. Kiril & Metodij – Faculty of Music Arts, Skopje in the class of Professor S. Temkov, where he also completed graduate studies under the same professor.

Participated in numerous competitions as a solo player, at national and international level, as noteworthy are:

1997 National competition Bitola, Macedonia – 2nd place
1999 National competition Skopje, Macedonia, chamber music – 3rd place
2000 National competition Bitola, Macedonia – 1st place
2001 International competition Stara Zagora, Bulgaria – 2nd place
2001 International competition San Bartolomeo, Italy – 2nd place
2002 National competition Stip, Macedonia, chamber music – 2nd place
2002 International competition Valjevo Serbia – 1st place
2003 International competition Valjevo Serbia – 1st place
2003 National competition Skopje, Macedonia – 1st special award
2003 International competition Ohridski Biseri Ohrid, Macedonia – 3rd place
2004 International competition Sofia, Bulgaria – 3rd place
2005 International competition Tahir Kulenovich Valjevo, Serbia – 1st place Laureate 

Participated in numerous events in the country and internationally:

“Days of Macedonian Music”, “Summer of Culture in Stip”, “Nights of French-German and Macedonian Music”, as a solo player with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Symphonic Orchestra of FMU (Faculty of Music Arts) Skopje.

Active with the Symphonic Orchestra “Fame’s Film Music” – Skopje, in the Macedonian Opera & Ballet – Skopje, Macedonian Philharmonic – Skopje. 


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