May 17 – May 28 2019

Reception for the Artists on Friday, May 17th from 6 to 9 pm

Gallery MC is please to present works by featured artists Erica Harris, Pam Toll, Sergej Andreevski, Gayle Tustin, Reshat Ameti, Kate Sinclear, Robert Dandarov, Voskresija Andreevska, Marija Pavlovska and Emil Shulajkovski

Press Release:

Gallery MC is pleased to present the group exhibition titled ”Pepper on Friday, 17th of May, at the 8thfloor gallery.

This exhibition will present works by artists from different backgrounds and places of residence or work.

It is organized by the Macedonian artists, Voskresija Andreevska, Sergej Andreevski, Reshat Ameti  and Emil Sulajkovski, together with seven guest artists, Pamela Toll, Gayle Tustin, Erica Harris, Kate Sinclair, all originally from USA, and Maria Pavlovska and Robert Dandarov, Macedonian artists living and working in USA.

”The red Pepper is produce which is dominating the Macedonian cuisine. It is presented as a basic food element and also as a  condiment. In Macedonia, it can be sweet, medium hot and hot, and as the curator says, exactly as the life we are living in today. “The guest artists have all had a chance to taste our Macedonian pepper, and, our culture with, or without it. And all of them, in their own worlds and country, in different ways are facing its hot energy, that of the pepper’s energy!” – wrote Sergej Andreevski, curator of the project.


The exhibition will open to the public on May 17thfrom 6 to 9 pm, and run until May 28th. For gallery hours, please check the website.

This project is supported by the Ministry for Culture of Macedonia.

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