Predrag Dimitrijevič

Recent Work
Predrag Dimitrijevič

Non-objective painting is a form of madness lost to civilization some
20 years ago. Predrag Dimitrievich returns it with dispassionate
vengeance. It’s checkmate from the get-go. These are bear-trap visual
conundrums of geometric splendor. Predrag D. engineers impossible
virtual nestings of pure space and form.
They are plotted ten moves ahead and as satisfyingly intelligent as a
watchmaker’s palace of function.
Every element seems to rhyme itself into being as a cerebrated echo of
the whole. They are puzzles without beginning or end, trance-circuit
mazes to tease your retinal brain. The sophisticated drawing harks back
to the complicated mechanics of another era. But the elegant,
unforgettably mysterious solutions hint at the behind-the-scenes
insanity of advanced contemporary science. Predrag D. makes no
concessions to the twin love-buttons cute and funny. These are
demanding paintings that, if you’re not careful, you might well fall
into. Unlike their utopian forebears of the 1920s and 60s, they
register an anxious and unrelenting logic that refuses to synthesize at
a simple glance. They are raindrops in the optical pond, leading you in
insistently to super-highways of thought.

Donald Carroll