January 17th, 2015 – February 14th, 2015
Opening Reception on Saturday, January 17th from 6 to 9 pm

549 W 52nd St 8th Fl, New York, New York 10019



Alessia Armeni, Nadia Baram, Marcos Castro, Floria González, Daniel Horowitz, Eugenia Martínez, Adriana Minoliti, Rafael Uriegas, Leslie Sardiñas and Alexis Zambrano


On January the 17th two contemporary art galleries compromised with the production of young artists join forces to present a group show of one italian artists and nine latin american artists that live between New York and Mexico City.

The show is will take place in Gallery MC in NYC and is curated by Galería Karen Huber selecting artist that are represented in her gallery in Mexico City as well as others that get along with the center theme. Artist from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Italy and Venezuela.

Profil Perdu is a french term for ‘lost profile’. The exhibit will feature works of Adriana Minoliti which looses the lines and curves of the male and female body to create geometrical bodies that don’t really specify the sex, they loose their identity but gain equality or the possibility of being an other sex we weren’t educated to define….Floria Gonzalez in her video, both characters start to loose themselves in time, time can be an eraser to someones memory; Daniel Horowitz takes old pages of books, or surrealist images in his mind and makes an interpretation of the situation with psychological and surrealist changes into the original forms; Marcos Castro’s engravings are like the end of a sunset in a beach were you can’t see much but the last rays of light and what its done at the end of the day, and so on with each artist.


Alessia Armeni (Rome, Italy) reconciles the process of the light by the human brain, gives us an opportunity to ask how art intervenes so as to give ‘meaning’ to a life which is otherwise objectified.


Nadia Baram (1981, Mexico) is a photo artist who explores the restricted aesthetic and narrative possibilities of the image.


Marcos Castro (1981, Mexico) Marcos Castro’s relationship with nature images takes the shape of a children story or a popular tale. Fantastic events occur in his drawings, which take us through as a narrative of a violent and cynical world, where adaptation is necessary but also disastrous.


Floria González (1980, Mexico) Her production focuses on photography and video. Investigates the dark side and the light side , of which every decision we make in life consists perceived.

Daniel Horowitz (1978, Nueva York) his works are graphic interventions into found media and imagery, sourced from vintage lifestyle advertising, history books and encyclopedias. The resulting collages and drawings subvert and distort the original source materials to produce new hybrids often fantastical, violent, and impertinent.


Eugenia Martínez (1976, Mexico) For the last decade, her work as a painter, consists moslty about mexican portraits from the colonial era to the 1960´s enhanced with metaphoric texts.


Adriana Minoliti (1980, Argentina) she is interested in the eroticism and geometry manifested through painting and installation. Her recent work has largely referenced the human body and gender conditions; abstract and geometrical representations of bodies are made with diverse materials such as paint, sand, plaster, wood, fake fruits and shampoo, and more traditional oil paints.


Rafael Uriegas (1982, Mexico) the appropriation and critical review of his work is product of various pictorial trends such as Fauvism, naive painting and hard edge painting, are heavily laden parody and humor , which represent a demystifying contemporary painting.


Leslie Sardinas (1974, Cuba) Part of his works, which rest in poetic evocations, are inspired by Asian animation.


Alexis Zambrano (México) his process consist in collaging images from auction house catalogues and juxtaposing them in old world European salons, the artist then paints his unique vision of collections that otherwise could never be enjoyed.





Galería Karen Huber, committed with the production of curatorial projects by promoting young artists with upcoming careers


MC is a multicultural interdisciplinary art gallery committed to the research, production, presentation and interpretation of contemporary art. The gallery supports emerging artists and explores ideas at the junction of arts, performance, and architecture.


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