Queen Anne’s Lace

Performance by Sandeep Bhuller

Featuring costume by Kathleen Stupp and metalwork by Amy Ontiveros

Performance 6pm, Sunday 6th December

Admission: FREE

Opening Reception: Following the performance

Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus Carota) seeds impair the female subject’s progesterone synthesis in the uterus when eaten, making it difficult for an egg to implant successfully. A teaspoon of the seeds can be eaten whole and chewed thoroughly or crushed prior to ingestion immediately after sex or taken habitually during ovulation.

Sandeep Bhuller’s performance is a manifestation of the historical repression of birth control– a private ritual, an act of self-assertion, aggrandized and made public. For the duration of the performance Sandeep will manufacture pills of crushed Queen Anne’s Lace seeds. Sandeep trusts nature, once removed, to quell her own nature, behind a character who represents the historical female, taking steps through labor and production to assert her gender autonomy. Sandeep employs aestheticized labor and production to represent the transformation of the body from reproductive organism to chemically controlled vessel.