Reading Eboracum

Reading Eboracum

Performance composed of reading the BYTHEWAY 2013-2016 book, 2017 edition, a product of joint artistic actions of the authors and the BYTHEWAY Company, in a spatial relation with the projection of its video pre-performance, and then also with the video premiere of the same of the event itself.

In the Book, aside from the documented visual material of the events, there is also a considerable number of texts: intexted general projectness, original works, and texts for the individual artistic stances of included artists, short stories inspired by the events and the audio material transcripts and fictions built on documentaristics. The multilayered structure of the book has given us the idea to turn it into a work of its own – art built into it to be transformed into reading art, as a pivotal segment of the work. With this the book becomes a foundation for reading of the new work, that in its entirety contains a performational performance of the reading of the book, coupled by a video projection of the same, prepared the day before, in the empty gallery space, with no audience and with no sound. And the days after, also the projection of the performance from the very opening of the exhibition, and the desk-arrangement for reading the presented books in the absence of the authors, as a portal-platform for entering BYTHEWAY and the scope of the project entirety.

All visible and sensed in the work propels the audience into reviewing the truths in the looks and contemplation of the visuality and its supercontents in an atmosphere of parallel permanent presence and disappearance in the fundamentalities of the work. In one focus both the sound and the audience are missing, in another, they are here, in the third the subjects are missing, and in the visual game of happenings in which the audience is drawn in, even the facticity of time itself is questioned, and so, skipping from one image to the next, one enters the vertigo of a con of sorts, in the artistic that comfortably perseveres in the replacement of the picturesqueness of the visual with the vocality of speaking, as a reflection. 

We witness controlled toying with the postponement of the right moment to connect the elements in the completeness of the picture of the work: the conditionally empty, space, time, actors, the very act of reading and the expected sensing of contextuality, the audience, and subjectivities as if meeting and bypassing each other at the same time and in the same space.

The impression of a type of superindividualization of actors in the sameness that is being read is also not to be neglected, in the trio finding the personal sound of the very understanding of the read intexted art. Is this requirement of the picture for one’s own subjective ‘reading’ of art, as in the usual actually of the specific author experience, even if it is so in the act of its own reading.




Vesna Dunimagloska Born 1976 in Bitola. She graduated in 1999 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. In 2005 she obtained an MA in Multimedia Art at the Art University of Belgrade. She currently works as a professor of art education. She has participated in art residences (CC-Vienna, MC New York City, Casino Luxembourg, Moscow IFAI), nine solo exhibitions (tree  in Skopje, two in Belgrade, one in Vienna, Bitola, Osijek), numerous group exhibitions (Luxembourg, Minneapolis, Tirana, Osijek…), exhibitions with national art teams (Context Europe, Vienna, Lyon; The Artist in Conversation, Canabel, Hamburg, Imago Mundi Lucianno Benneton collection), international biennials (Vrsac and Skopje). The exhibition Selection 2002 AICA put her among the six best artists in Macedonia in the 1999/2002 period. Her work is mentioned in Concept of Modern Art, by Mishko Shuvakovic, as an example of Macedonian post- avant-garde art. Since 2012 till 2015 continuously exposed and organize art events within the Artistically through the Phenomenal 5 – 6 and in 2015 together with Gjorgji Krsteski and Stanko Pavleski starting the project PATEM /  ByTheWay – Limited Liability Company.

Selected exhibitions and projects:

2016 – ByTheWay365 – 2015/2016, AŽ Gallery, Zagreb (HR)

2016 – -Solo exhibition: Blue Blood Baby, POPUP 30, Osijek, HR

2015 – National selection, Transfiguring- contemporary artists from Macedonia, Luciano Benetton Collection Imago Mundi

2013/16. – ByTheWay; (concept together with Gjorgji Krsteski and Stanko Pavleski) 10 projects in a different Macedonian locations: A boat for a monastery, Can the intuitive be narrated?, 600 m above  Magritte, In for a panny in for a pound, Bogomila guerrilla, Bodygraphy, Myth in the mirror, Upwards deep,  Folder with a veranda, Woman in labor without TIAsS2

  1. – The King is dead, long live the King , video performance, within the group exhibition

Towards ANP 6 / 1-6 By the way art, Veles

– DRIMON 3, Festival processing culture Struga, “Waterlilies”, video performance  

– AnP6 , artistic action in nature, s.Vishni , Struga

– Fresh as a tomato – ( ANP ) and to AnP6 1-5 / 1-6 2004 2014 HDLU , Gallery Kazamat , Osijek

2013/14. – Toward ANP 6 / – By the way art 365 1-6, six -day or weekend events and exhibition, Bitola

2012/13 – “Nor hal, nor haber 2006/2012”, AnP5, national MuseumVeles, Institute and Museum, Bitola

  1. – ANP 5, artistic action in nature, Mariovo-Rsimbegov bridge
  2. – AKTO 1, Festival of Contemporary Art, Bitola

2006 – National selection, Artist in Conversation, Who is the Macedonian artist talking to?, Kanabel, Hamburg and National gallery Chifte Amam, Skopje

  1. -Solo exhibition: ” Nebojsa Vilic is dead”, Press to exit gallery,Skopje

– Identity, Macedonian Cultural Center, New York

– ” Raccoon Space “gallery, New York

2004.- ” DOB gallery selection 1995 – 2004”, Belgrade

– “17 Adrija art anale” Split

– “Polimedia art” SKC Gallery, Belgrade

– National selection, “Sixth Biennial of Young Artists”, Vrshac

– “Choros project”, Mineapolis

  1. – Solo exhibition : Long – term project, multimedia performance, DOB gallery, Belgrade

– “Tolerance”, Zela Melis, Germany

2002/3. – National selection, “Context Europe 2002”,Theatre Des Augenbliks, Wiena and Les                 Subsistances, Lion

  1. – KulturKontakt Austria, residence, June/August

– Solo exhibition: Deutsch Wanted People, multimedia project, KK Austrija, Viena

– National selection, Fifeth Biennial of Young Artists, Vrshac

– Onyfri, international exhibition of women artist from the Balkans, Tirana

  1. – Solo exhibition: The Dancer, foto installation, Site gallery, Skopje, tekst by Nebojša Vilić

– Dare to be different, international exhibition of women artist from the Balkans, Fyer

– National selection, Sellection 2002, six macedonian selected work from the period 2001-2002, AIKA, Strumica

– Models, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg

– Beyond the city, International Forum of Art Initiative, Moscow

– Fifeth Biennial of Young Artists, Museum of contemporary art, Skopje

– Real Presence, internacional exhibition of young artist/students, SKC gallery, Belgrade

Solo exhibition: The bad, installation, SKC gallery, Belgrade

– Art session 2001, Remont, Nacional museum, Prijepolje

  1. House of a young patriot, Pro Helvetia project, Djirokastro

– Who’s afraid to look from outside, site specific installation, NO / YES international public art symposium, Bitola

  1. – Solo exhibition: Before the beginning/After the end or Between, Museum of Bitola

– Fairy tale, International exhibition (with Biljana Isijanin) Meta- Media, Plasy

– Solo exhibition: Moderne mobile installation, SCCA, gallery, Skopje

Gjorgji Krsteski was born in 1976 in Struga. He graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje in 2002 at the department of welded constructions. In 2010 he graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the department of Fine Art Pedagogy and Sculpture, under the professor Stanko Pavleski.  Under the mentorship of professor Pavleski, Gjorgji finished his post-graduate studies. He is one of the founders of the Wezdesnsky group (an open art association) and also the association for affirmation of culture INKA (Initiative for independent cultural activism), both resided in Struga. In 2013, Gjorgji, Vesna Dunimagloska and Marija Djunova organize and conceptually upgrade the project “Artistically through the Phenomenal” in Toward AtP / By The Way Art 1-6. The project can be described as conceptual socializing and artistic acts in nature, where artists and authors from the field of fine arts are invited to participate. In 2015, Gjorgji along with Vesna Dunimagloska and Stanko Pavleski transform “By The Way Art” into the current “By The Way 365” – an association with limited responsibility.

Solo Exhibitions

2002 Struga, R Macedonia

2002 Ohrid, R Macedonia

2010 Struga, R Macedonia

Group Exhibitions

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Struga, R Macedonia

2008 Fourth international biennial of mini prints, Tetovo, R Macedonia

2006 – 2010 Annual student exhibitions at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Skopje

2010 Multimedia center “Mala Stanica“, Skopje, R Macedonia


2011 “Transform” – National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia, R Bulgaria

2011, 2015, “Artistically through the phenomenal”, Veles, R Macedonia

2014, HDLU Osijek / Galerija Kazamat, Osijek, Croatia

art festivals

2013, “UFO“ festival, Ohrid, R Macedonia

2013, “ДРИМON“ festival, Struga, R Macedonia

2015, “D“ festival, Dojran, R Macedonia

2015, “BOSH“ festival, Gevgelija, R Macedonia

Stanko Pavleski

was born in 1959 in Erekovci, Macedonia. He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1984 in Skopje. He got his master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1992. Currently, he is a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje.

Address: Makedonska prerodba 100, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.


He expresses in the field of sculpting, expounding with minimalism and neo-minimalistic experiences, reducing it to a sign and ambient.

After 2002, in his neo/post/conceptual accomplished works, that are based mainly on books and brochures, but also on different actions in nature, installations and performances followed by documented photographs and video recordings, testing the frame of art. He is also an author of several books (narration and body), peculiarly exhibited independently but also as part of a sculptural entirety of the work. His books are: The Unwritten book to the mediator (2002), Book above the book covers: My Anthology – Macedonian art and critique: 1954-2004 (2004); Project Preface – How could I write a critique as good as that by the art critics (2005, with translation into English); I, Ptolemy MKD & N.B. Nothingness (2009, with translation into English) and written art (Tokmu Project, 2011, Short stories).

Since the beginning of his career, Pavleski is a part in several important selections of ex-Yugoslavia. He participates at the Sculpture exhibition in Panchevo (1991) where he receives his first award as equal. At the biennial for small sculpture in Murska Sobota (1987) and the Youth Biennial in Rieka (1991) he receives the award for sculpture. He is also a part of the exhibition Yugoslavian Documenta in Sarajevo (1897, 1989) and the Geometrish exhibition (1990 selection) etc. In 1996, in Gornji Milanovac at the fourth International biennial in miniature art, he receives the special award by the jury, he also participates  at the International biennial in Murska Sobota (1995) and in Cetinje (1997). He is represented in many exhibits of Macedonian art abroad and in other curators projects. He has been three times awarded at the Youth Biennial in Skopje in 1991, with Grand Prix; and at the exhibits at DLUM with the awards for sculpture “Nereshki Majstori” and “Jordan Grabul”.

He has independent exhibits in Belgrade in 1992, Brussels in 1995, New York in 1997, 2007 and in 2008, Alexandria in 2009 and in Skopje in 1987, 1991, 1993, 1998, 2006,2009 and 2012, as well as other group exhibits both in Macedonia and abroad. Pavleski is one of the founders of the Art activity in nature – “Artistically through the Phenomenal”  (AtP, 2004) and until today he is devoted to such idea and practice. Since 2013,Pavleski, Vesna Dunimagloska and Gjorgji Krsteski, through the modified concept of the project, as well as the increased dynamics of the events, transform the “ByTheWayArt” and “BY THE WAY 365” into an Association with limited responsibility.

By TheWayArt Events:

ByTheWayArt 1: A boat for a monastery, Globočica, Struga, Macedonia, September 9, 2013

ByTheWayArt 2: Can the intuitive be narrated? , Ezerani – Brajčino, Prespa, Macedonia, October 27, 2013

ByTheWayArt 3: 600 m above Magritte, Belica, Poreče, Macedonia, November 23, 2013

ByTheWayArt 4: In for a penny, in for a pound, Villa Lina, Berovo Lake, Macedonia, 13-16 January 2014

ByTheWayArt 5: Bogomila Guerrilla, Bogomila, Veles, Macedonia, 15-16 February 2014

ByTheWayArt 6: Bodygraphy, Bitola, Lavci, Macedonia, 14-17 and April 13, 2014

ByTheWay365: Myth in mirror, Konjsko, Stenje and island Big city, Prespa, Macedonia, 26-29 August 2015

ByTheWay365: Upwards deep, Big Lakes, Pelister Mountains, Macedonia, 26-29 February 2016

ByTheWay365: Folder with veranda, cave Alilica, Tresonče, Macedonia, 15-19 July 2016

ByTheWay365: A woman in labor without TIAsS2, Sifulajki, Gevgelija, 5-11 August 2016


2014 – Bitola, BythewayArt 1-6, alternative exhibition space Kamarite

– Osijek (HR), Fresh as a tomato (Artistically through the Phenomenal 1-5 and BythewayArt 1-6), Gallery Kazamat             (HDLU Osijek)

2016 – Zagreb (HR), ByTheWay365 – 2015/2016, AZh Gallery


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