Residence Artists: Burhan Ahmeti & Verim Zendeli

Residence Artists: Burhan Ahmeti & Verim Zendeli

“To live, to learn, to love” – Verim Zendeli/ “Fragments of Balkan tradition” – Burhan Ahmeti

Opening Reception: Wed., April 25th, 6 to 9pm

04/ 25/2012-05/07/2012

“To live, to learn, to love” – Verim Zendeli

“The art of the creator Verim Zendeli always express the role of creating an intended world that as fiction has to make the difference between what exists and what does not exist. Those enticingly perk up to live according to the story, or said to know to live, then reinforced with an absolute scale, learning, and loving. The humanity, the desire to learn to live, lead us in a triangle of aesthetic greatness, real, unreal, to a survey on the beautiful, or avoidance, escape, from the excessive or luxury.

Zendeli, although empowers the colors, by which expresses a positive function of moral liberation of immunization, did affect us a body filled inside and outside, or injection with soothing and healing serum. The aim is to be raised in psychoanalysis universal function in each picture that did not contain partial hyperbole. Subordinated as photography’s such as development, torn, that revive the antiquity, or are lost and found by a master, obsessions liberate passion, impulse for a hypothesis, or social and philosophical opinions. People are born to survive, with feeling, lighter or stronger, in solemn state of mind, or even evil. Values, ideals, morality, humanity the picture of Zendeli represent a chapter of new psychological realism. Hypothesis is the best scholar and the artist’s personality.”

“Fragments of Balkan Tradition” – Burham Ahmeti

“The Albanian painter Burhan Ahmeti, lives his daily artistic life between Skopje and Gostivar. A rational look at his work flourishes ideas, which flow and stand as they rest on some important pit stops. They have to do with the language of art that these Albanian artists learned at academies in Kosovo and Macedonia; with the actuality and past of the artists’ social state, in a multiethnic country as well as with the figurative atmosphere taking place in our region and beyond.

The title of each art work refers to the close link between the black and white or color graphical act and the social or personal sensations of the painter.
Ahmeti’s graphics is based on the execution of traditional techniques and the emotional subjects that are concretized in graphite paper are far from coincidental. His works show that the emotional power of traditional graphics’ beauty, in our creative contemporary, has no boundaries and is furthermore, enriched as an artist takes up the challenge for his life’s substantial creativity.
Burhan Ahmeti beings by making figurate reproductions of everything he feels and things, from the starting point of life’s phenomena, up until formal and emotional abstract meditation.”

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