Residency program and detailed info about applications to be posted here… Until then interested artists and curators can contact the gallery at (write residency in the subject)*…

* Current and past list of participants with links to be completed soon…

Ik-Song Jin (S. Korea)

Han, Sung-Soo (S. Korea)

Stephanie Albertson (USA)

Debra Vanderburg Spenser (USA)

Leslie Wayne (USA)

Cathryn Lundgren (USA)

Khristyne Haje (USA)

Milica Paranosic (Serbia and USA)

H Lan Thao Lam (Vietnam and USA)

Mladen Miljanovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

Elizabeta Papuchkoska (Macedonia)

Steven Balogh (Hungary and USA)

Sun Young Lee (S. Korea)

Dina Krunic (Serbia) Sun Young Lee

Bojan Sumonja (Croatia)

Steven Crawford (USA)

Angela Friedman (USA)

Anastasia Chung (USA)

Botond Részegh (Romania)

Micaela Schedlbauer (Austria)

Lisa McCleary (Australia and Irland)

Marisa Baumgartner (Austria and USA)

Bojan Mitrevski (Macedonia)

Elizabeth Turk (USA)

Vuk Mitevski (USA)

Pietro Finelli (Italia)

Robert Dandarov (USA AND Macedonia)

Ilinka Manova (USA and Macedonia)

Michael Yoder (USA)

Gabriela Galati (Italy)

Maria Pavlovska (USA and Macedonia)

Ivan Unkovski (Macedonia)

Teona Mitevska (Macedonia)

Olivier Samouillan (France)

Andrej Urem (Croatia)

Christina Z. Antonio ( Great Britain)

Rebekah Swartz (USA)

Sanja Bestic (Serbia)

Duke Bojadjiev (Macedonia)

Rubens Salles (Brazil)

Bilyana Cincarevic (Serbia)

* For music residencies please email or note on your application: Milica Paranosic (current music director and curator)

* For visual art please email or note on your application: Gorazd Poposki (current art director)

* For photography residency please email or note on your application: Steven Crawford (current photo curator)




MCMill Performance series curated by Milica Paranosic and Gallery MC.

Performances are scheduled monthly and open to artists and presenters (musicians, performance artists, multimedia projects, book signings, presentations) by submission.

Submissions are open year-round.


Qualifying projects need to be:

Between 60 and 90 minutes long

Tech-light and mostly self-contained


To apply, send to

Project description

Names of artists participating

Photo of the group – artist

Brief (under 100 words) artists bio

Tech description

Any links where the project can be heard

Suggested performance dates


We provide:

The space (40-60 seating capacity, up to 80 standing room)

Short tech-reh time (60 – 90 minutes, the day of the show)

Basic PA (16 – channel Mixing Board, 2 dynamic microphones, 2 speakers)

Up to 4 music stands

Changing room for the artists

Bar service

Door service

Listing on the gallery website


We do NOT provide:

Stage lights

Sound or light operators

Parking space


If selected, you will need to submit:

Press release  (in word format) 6 weeks before the performance dates

Program with durations

Tech sheet
We charge maintenance fee $250 upfront (for longer events or series, price will vary and need to be discussed)
Tickets for the events are normally between $10 and $20.
Artists get a door split (50/50)
We provide a cash bar, serving wine, beer and soft drinks (we keep the bar profit)
No outside drinks are allowed

Visit Paracademia, our sister project for creative music project, technical support, film scoring and much, much more…

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