Russian Dream- Opera Night at Gallery MC

Russian Dream

“Russian Romances and More..”

on Saturday, December 21st at 7 pm


Darko Todorovski – Baritone

Elena Siljanoska – Piano


  1. Dmitri Shostakovich

Five Romances (after Dolmatovsky, ‘Songs of Our Days’), Op.98

– The Day We Met

– The Day We Confessed

– The Day We Hurt Each Other

– The Day of Joy

– The Day of Memories

  1. A potpourri of different tunes

– performed by Elena Siljanoska

  1. Zdes’ khorosho – S. Rachmaninoff

(It’s beautiful here)

  1. Don Juan’s Serenade – P. Tchaikovsky
  2. Utro tumannoe – A. Abaza

(Misty morning)

  1. Vy ochen’ nevnimatel’ny ko mne – G. Struve

(You don’t care about me)

  1. Lyubov’ oruzhiyu podstat’ – T. Kamysheva

(Love is like a weapon)

  1. Tol’ko raz – B. Fomin

(Only once)

  1. Kak molody my byli

(How young we were)

  1. Macedonian folk songs

“The artistic journey of Elena and Darko started in September 2015 when they started to get ready for the Russian Romance competition in Sofia, Bulgaria. They got into the final in Moscow. Together they performed on 2 concerts in Moscow after the competition. January 2016 -2019 they are traditionally performing Russian romances at the National Macedonian Opera in Skopje and in other cities.”


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