Saturday @ 2pm: Andrea Fisher- The Other Graduation








The Other Graduation


March 25th 2017 @2pm with Andrea Fisher

Gallery MC, 549 West 52nd Street, NYC



Thoughts on ‘Fluterepreneurship’


SugarMill  – Milica Paranosic

Icicle – Robert Aitken

Syrinx  – Claude Debussy

Spiegel Im Spiegel – FluterScooter

Standing Rock – FluterScooter

Q and A

NEXT in The Other Graduation series

April 8th 2017 Ta-Ka-Di-Mi Duo  @2pm with Glen Velez and Loire Cotler

May 6th 2017  @2pm with Martha Mooke

June 10th 2017  @2pm with Ken Butler


The Other Graduation is a NYSCA supported, ground-breaking lecture – concert series designed to help young musicians who have recently graduated or are about to graduate understand the broad variety of possible career choices as professional musicians in the contemporary art and music world



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