Thursday, July 11th from 7 pm: The title of the performance/exhibition has been inspired by the most remarkable and most commented characteristic of the featured artist, Simonida Filipova Kitanovska. The show premiers artwork especially created for Gallery MC’s space. It also features an action painting performance on the opening night.  All works are  watercolors on delicate rice paper.

To spice things up, guitarist Toni Kitanovski and DJ Goce will be presenting their Afro Gitano project providing a soundscape during Simonida’s performance.

Simonida Filipova Kitanovska 

Right after graduation from National Art Academy in her native R. of Macedonia, her work was featured in the National Art Gallery as she was recognized as one of the leading artists of the country. Her thirty-year career was marked by numerous solo and group exhibitions in all inhabited continents. Invitations to lecture and demonstrate her unique techniques of painting are frequent followers of her presence on the international art scene (Pan-American Art Academy, Sao Paolo, Brasil; Cota University, Jaipur, India; Fabriano in Acquarello, Fabriano, Italy…). Mrs. Filipova Kitanovska was awarded on many occasions for her artistic excellence. 

1991-1997 she lived in the U.S.A. and exhibited in the Boston area and in Soho, New York City. As a painter and visual artist, she expressed herself in different media – oil, acrylic, installation, combined techniques, and video. However, in the past ten years, her work has been almost exclusively dedicated to exploring watercolor. This fast-drying technique, often full of unpredictability yet precise and unmerciful to mistakes,  matches her character, explosiveness in expression and gesture, drawing using color, and unquenched thirst for instantly realizing ideas on the inviting white surface. 


2022 – Gold Medal Award, VI Watercolor Bienal, Caudete, Spain

2022 – Windsor & Newton Award, Watercolor Triennale, Varna, Bulgaria

2019 – Best Watercolor (Nominated), Watercolor Triennale, Varna, Bulgaria

2018 – Best Abstraction, Watercolor Biennale Costa Rica, San Joan, Costa Rica

2017 –  Osten Award – Artist of the Year, Skopje, N. Macedonia

2014 – Vangel Kodzoman Award, small format painting, Skopje, N. Macedonia

2013 – Grand Prix, International competition for watercolors, Skopje, N.Macedonia

2012 – Watercolor Prize, International competition, Skopje, N. Macedonia

2008 – Dimitar Pandilov, miniature painting, Macedonian Association of Artists

1997 – Dimitar Pandilov, miniature painting, Macedonian Association of Artists

1989 – Yugoslav Biennial of Watercolor, BAJ, Karlovac, Croatia

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