Slavcho Spirovski – Angularity of the illusion of the packeting

Reception for the Artist on January 16th from 6 to 8 pm

Slavcho Spirovski – Angularity of the illusion of the packeting

Slavcho Spirovski belongs to the younger generation of Macedonian artists. In addition to the undoubted gift of expressing himself in the language of fine art, he deeply and powerfully engenders existential secrets. His urge for creation finds its final meaning in the cosmological dimension whose character is above every forma mentis and intervenes with the ontological-personal spheres. In fact, the subject of his artistic vivisections are the secrets of transfigurations incomparably more important than the visual language.

He materializes and presents all the intimate, but also the explorative states and situations that provoke the artist into a creative act and integrate it into the puzzle of everyday life, leaving a meta treasure trove of the past – into the future.

Spirovski’s works of art are free from their physical boundaries and speak primarily of a state in which reality is reshaped into new ontological meta reality. By deconstructing the material and rebuilding it into a new visual form it achieves the effect of transforming reality and focuses on its inner experience, transformation and transcendence. In that harmony, the creation becomes a metaphysical interspace of the visual conception of the thought in the space. That is why Slavcho Spirovski’s works are a spiritual horizon in the pursuit of his primordial beginnings and the shaping of perfection into the imperfect, where the central feature of being is the thirst and hunger for perfection… That artistic concept is in fact his empirical baggage which as a continuous zero and circle traverses the wastelands of an already largely artificial world, bewildered by its immense complexity and out of the zone of control with its immeasurable genericity.

            With his art vocabulary, Spirovski talks about inner impulse and external expression…

            In this exhibition titled Angularity of the illusion of the packeting he displays prints of the PRE-Pre/packet/ing of Vx in h = 0 installation realized in Kichevo, followed by the 2012 installation at Berlin’s “Prima Center” titled: Pre/packet/ing Vx thru V1 – (…), which are actually based on prints from the installation Pre/packet/ing Vx thru V1 – (…) from the exhibition at the National Gallery of Macedonia at Mala Stanica, Skopje in 2011.

The subtle change in this conception (as opposed to the previous ones) is its shift from 2D to 3D exhibit (originally performed in 3D at Mala Stanica then performed in 2D in Berlin and Kichevo), associated with its constant revision of his own accomplishments, but trying to find a new opportunity to re-read the conditions and his work with the basics of sculpture… pedestal – work of art – space… Through this “repetition” of the pre/packet/ing of the same spatial installation Spirovski achieves “cancellation” of the actual original installation, where the third dimension of the original idea is reduced to 2D and then remade into 3D, and minimizes the spaciousness on the floor and on the wall of the gallery space. Compared to previous explorations, radicalization of his concept is evident. By multiplying the previous situations, the sculptural form is broken down and transferred into a conceptual form for the idea of ​​the sculptural or the notion of shadow of the shadow. Spirovski starts with a specific form or following Plotinus’s philosophy from the origin of being, in this case the sculpture – the One to create, through the process of emanation, an end product with complete absence of sculptural-plastic form or absence of form – being. In this case, Plato’s philosophy, the shadow of a shadow, is intertwined because it supports the world of ideas and strives for the forms of existence. The shadow of the mimetic world in this case is an intermediary to true knowledge, not just a copy. Spirovski creates the effect of simulating the sculptural body that is set on the floor and the walls of the gallery, creating aesthetics of space within space. In addition to spiritual values, his works also require scientific and mathematical calculations of space, matter, time…

To present Spirovski’s work is a rather complex undertaking, but the closest description of this complex cognitive structure emanating from this artistic phenomenon is a completely open/closed system of communication and creation. Experimenting with conceptual premises provides an original art product with deepened aesthetic results.

The basic purpose of Slavco Spirovski’s work is to express the author’s freedom in the thoughtful translation of his personal experience and aesthetic visual shaping through deconstruction and reshaping of the classical forms of visual expression and understanding of sculpture and to create new forms of its existence which makes him an intriguing author of his time. The Angularity of the illusion of the packeting is a project that corresponds to the reductionist needs of the perpetual crisis in society, the arts and the strategies of global visual communication. The main concept of this project is in its need to resist the social events and the fine arts and to respond to this challenge by constructing a work of art-system that will not cease to exist after its realization and short-lived “sensationalist” presentation.

The essence of energy transforming from one form to another as a manifestation of the uninterrupted flow of cosmic energy, establishes harmony where the cycles of creation and disappearance and re-creation speak of the transformations that everything is subjected to in the universe.

Gorancho Gjorgjievski

December 2019, Skopje

Slavčo Spirovski – sculptor

Born 01.02.1975 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Faculty of Fine Arts Skopje, Macedonia, BFA 2006, pedagogical section, sub-section sculpture in the class of Professor Stanko Pavleski.


Solo Exhibitions:

2019    New York (USA), Angularity of the illusion of the packeting, Gallery MC, New York

2016    Kichevo (Macedonia), PRE-Pre/packet/ing of Vx in h = 0, National Institution Center of Culture ”Kocho Racin”, Kichevo

2015    Sofia (Bulgaria), Intersection for the sculpture above 3 at 42°N 42’ /SKP-SOF/ 1st floor minus 110 cm, Cultural and Information Center of the Republic of Macedonia in Sofia

2014    New York (USA), Intersection for the sculpture above 2 at 42°N /SKP-NYC/ 8th floor minus 110 cm, Gallery MC, New York

2012    Berlin (Germany), PRE-Pre/packet/ing Vx thru V1 – (…), Prima Center Gallery, Berlin

2011    Skopje (Macedonia), Pre/packet/ing Vx thru V1 – (…), National Gallery of Macedonia, Mala stanica

2010    Skopje (Macedonia), Intersection for the Sculpture Above, National Gallery of Macedonia, Cifte Hamam

2008    Skopje (Macedonia), Denes – Young Visual Artist Award, Museum of the City of Skopje

2007    Skopje (Macedonia), The Pyramids in h = 0, Youth Cultural Center

            Ohrid (Macedonia), Sculpture – blue piano, Invitation from EMI Classics and the pianist Simon Trpčeski, for participation in the filming of the promotional press material for the Debussy CD

Skopje (Macedonia), Multimedia project Cooperation between Arts 2, together with the pianist Simon Trpčeski and the sculptors A. Mitevski and E. Hajdarpasic – National Gallery of Macedonia, Daut Pasha Hamam

2005    Gevgelija, Prilep (Macedonia), Cooperation between Arts, with the pianist Simon Trpčeski, Apollonia Group and Cultural Center “Marko Cepenkov” (Prilep Summer Festival)



Group Art Exhibitions:

2019    Majdanpek (Serbia), 10th International Exhibition “Art in Miniature” – MajdanArt 2019, The Grand Gallery Majdanpek

2018    Skopje (Macedonia), OSTEN Biennial of Drawing, Osten Gallery

            Majdanpek (Serbia), 9th International Exhibition “Art in Miniature” – MajdanArt 2018, The Grand Gallery Majdanpek

2017    Majdanpek (Serbia), 8th International Exhibition “Art in Miniature” – MajdanArt 2017, The Grand Gallery Majdanpek

2016    Skopje (Macedonia), OSTEN Biennial of Drawing, Osten Gallery

            Treviso (Italy), Transfiguring – Contemporary Artists from Macedonia, Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Foundation – Museum of the Benetton Foundation

            Gornji Milanovac (Serbia), 13th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Cultural Center Gornji Milanovac – Modern Gallery

2014    Gornji Milanovac (Serbia), 12th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Cultural Center Gornji Milanovac – Modern Gallery

2009    Beirut (Lebanon), 6th International Francophone Games Beirut 2009, UNESCO Gallery

Beirut (Lebanon), 6th International Francophone Games Beirut 2009, Gallery at the Lebanese University complex “Hadat”

            Split (Croatia), My perspectives

Skopje (Macedonia), 8th Biennial of Young Artists – Identities, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje

            Pristina (Kosovo), 8th Biennial of Young Artists – Identities, Kosovo Art Gallery

2008    Novi Sad (Serbia), Space for New Dialogue, Museum of the Contemporary Art Vojvodina

2004    Debar (Macedonia), Ethnic & Religious Symbols, their use and abuse, Rostuse Town Hall

2002    Skopje (Macedonia), 4 (four), Youth Cultural Center

Veles (Macedonia), 1st International Mini Print Biennial Exhibition, Graphic Circle, Art Gallery, National Museum Veles

2001    Dobrich (Bulgaria), Experimental Studio Paper and Print Together

Belgrade (Serbia), International Student Drawing Biennial, FFA Gallery Belgrade

Veles (Macedonia), Colony for Quick Painting, Art Gallery, National Museum Veles

1999 – 2002

            Skopje (Macedonia), Annual Student Exhibition of FFA – Skopje, FFA



Best University student of the Faculty of Fine Arts 1998-2002



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