August 18 – 24, 2022

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In the 1980’s artists, Bogdan Grabuloski and Violeta Blazeska using their creative experiences started to research the immaterial within artistic creation.

From the very beginning of the project they’ve raised the questions that will determine the course of their research 

What happens to the author in the process of creating the art work?

Is there something invisible happening within the artist body and their energy during the process of creation, and can this be a new artistic principle or element that hasn’t been noticed until then? 

In order to test and prove the validity of these questions, they’ve focused their creative research towards themselves. Their first steps were to recreate, observe and examine themselves. 

A mutual conclusion that the element they were seeking is the Sound.  

They’ve pointed out that while the artist is working and using the material objects, two different sounds are produced in the process of creation: The sound that appears inside of them, and the sound that comes out.

They’ve also pointed the different kinds of sound produced in the process of creating:

  • The sound of the body shaking
  • The rhythm of the artist pulse 
  • The sound of the body moving 
  • The sound  when their  emotions change
  • The sound produced  by the tool while working  with different materials

The search for the new artistic element is endless and complex. It involves exploration of the invisible energy, the immaterial which was unnamed in the first period of the research, but has now been named Ani Mamundi.  

However there are plausible alternative explanations that would still need to be ruled out.

Throughout their research, they’ve recorded numerous sounds,that used to be placed on a sound carrier as soon as they were created. This was the technology available at the time. However, the huge advance of the technology over the years has helped them to further their research, progress and prove the Sound as a new art element in the contemporary art 

The research resulted  in several  art works:

• 1994 Image Box 

• May 26, 1995 – Art work in glass, stage and auditorium in the Center of Culture “Marko Cepenkov”, Prilep

• night, July 14, 1995 – Sound – Mosaic, ancient archaeological place Heraclea, Bitola

• night, August 20, 1995 – Creation of the Coryphei, the archaeological object of St. Panthelenone –

Imaret, Ohrid

• January 19, 1996 – “Sound Perspective” in the Art Gallery, Kumanovo

• May 8 and 28, 1996. – Composition: Sound, Line, Space – exterior and interior of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje

• 1996 – Two authors, one work – Saint Petersburg, Russia

• 1996 Soundside – Biennale in Sao Paulo, Brazil

• 1995/96 – 9 ½ New Macedonian Art, MSU, Skopje/9 ½ New Macedonian Art, MoCA, Skopje

1997 A Visual Arts Screenplay

Since 2000, Sofia Grabuloska and Marko Grabuloski have joined the.

From 2000, Sofija Grabuloska and Marko Grabuloski has had joint in the research. 

With their fresh thinking, they made a series of researches in which they materialized and visualized the new artistic element “ The sound”.

Such an example is the work ” The Scream of the Deaf” – 2000

The Scream of the Deaf is closest to the silence to where the creative sound accumulates – ” The Scream of the Deaf” is a one-second film.

In the new project, “Sound is also an artistic element”, the three authors Violeta Blažeska, Bogdan Grabuloski, Sofia Grabuloska and co-authors Marko Grabuloski and Darko Taleski will once again materialize the sounds from the “Art Experiments” from 1994-1997.

Using appropriate software programs and mathematical algorithms, the sound that occurs inside the artists and the sound that comes out when working with the material can now be visualized and animated.

This piece of artwork engages viewers with audio and visual stimulation and offers opportunities for further discussion.

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