Funda Ibrahim, Bedi Ibrahim, Batuhan Ibrahim and Gorancho Gjorgjievski


Between the space and architecture there is always a border signified as a threshold. To step the threshold means a transition from the shapeless, invisible metaphysical space – not space, to the space enclosed by human space – dwelling or space – temple.

The threshold is a stone between the past and future, a mark which is marked itself. Here the signifier and the signified are juxtaposed. In the threshold the presence of the whole absence is designated: the stone is shabby because of the steps of the all once present, but now already disappeared.

–  The project “threshold” is a video and installation project that tells the artist`s story about the ephemerality of the monumental architecture, about the faith that is more durable than its own institution and about the believer whose body is mightier than the store. This is a poetic vision of the complex relation which is reestablished between the material and spiritual, ephemeral and perennial represented by the threshold as a metaphor for the boundary between (/).

The stepping over this border leaves uncircumventable trace both on the marble threshold which is melting as ice, and over the body of the one passing over this line.

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