Toshihisa Yoda


I was born in Japan. I learned painting at Musashino Art University in Tokyo.

I moved to New York in 1967. Since then, I have been working here in New York as an artist. I was amazed at how I had changed my body of work so smoothly from figurative painting in Japan to making abstract painting in New York. It was some kind of magic of New York City. Since then, the movement of New York’s art world (Pop Art,Minimal Art) was flowing rapidly. In the early 1980’s , when Neo Expressionism swept the Art World, many abstract painters changed their style to figurative painting, including well known artists.

During that time, I had never regretted painting my way-abstract. This is how my paintings became the way they are today.

When I think about my paintings, I always had inspiration from nature, especially wild plants.

Several years ago, I found a group of umbrella plants at the wasteland of Coney Island. I noticed that the stem had a triangular shape after cutting it. I was intrigued by the tiny green triangles.

I have been working with  this theme  since then.

In 2008, I was invited to a group show at Gallery MC. I met artists who came from Macedonia and other countries like myself.

I felt so close to them because they are all serious and sincere artists who are deeply involved in each artist’s creation and development, which I do not see so often these days in New York.

I am very happy to have a solo exhibition at Gallery MC. I would like to thank director Gorazd Poposki and my artist friends at Gallery MC.

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