Works by Behar Ferati

Behar Ferati

Images of fruits hanging in unreal spaces, abstract, detached from nature and life. This is a carrying image that appears and reappears in different variations in the graphics of Behar Ferati. These are associative compositions with the elements that refer to certain reality, very close to the author and that in the appearance they carry undefined messages. But in fact, his graphics are meditations that carry you near the nature and that transmit to the audience the timbre of the silent drama that talks through form, colour, line and texture.

The drama that develops is sometimes personal, sometimes collective. Both of them interweave and coexist symbolically, totally naturally. This created drama of fruits gets its importance and gravity in the actual context. The flow of the thought and feeling, the disturbance of the artist creates moral and emotional atmosphere of the place and time. But what is conducted it’s not the factual data more than emotive attitude of artist’s life experience and what is left is a taste of longing, of nostalgia accompanied with a bit of irony which generates constantly from a very actual and human point of view.
While respecting genesis of his sensitivity, Behar Ferati achieves compact configurations. Space organizing is based on interrelations of black and white surfaces and colour surfaces. The line and texture are inevitable elements in the background of his graphics. The line is independent but sometimes available in shaping the contours. The texture treated carefully can be seen all over. Soft passages of tones here and there melt the visual overloading with the psychological one.
More than nostalgia and disturbance, the structure of graphics I’d call individual reflection of the artist as well as the way of recognizing and perception of actual reality and of the way that a man passes in relation with nature. The landing of that ingathered darkly mass of senses and memories occurs on surfaces of graphics. The interpretations are allegorical but the enjoyment has to be metaphoric.
So, while looking for the truth the artist through his works appeals for it.
And in constant contacts with nature and people a man finds those much needed forces and energy to take further steps and also find the seed and embryo of everything that beautiful and gentle, clever and real. He finds the core of meaning of all meanings of the truth that surround the life and man during his existence in this land, which surprises with its unbelievable beauties.

Nora Halimi