Bejtulla Zaimi: Artist in Residence


The sculptor Bejtulla Zaimi belongs to the first generation of sculptors who graduated from Tetovo University and as well to the young generation of sculptors in Macedonia, who has now created a specific expression in his field of sculpture, and other artistic media.

It is obvious that Zaimi experiments with materials such as copper, styrofoam, wood, marble, paper etc. giving these materials a personal seal, in searching the form and the material, and as well the final realization of the work. Exactly this access to these tools gives a stamp of his original works, making them accessible to the perceiver and enabling him to communicate naturally to it.

In his works appear organic forms which associate fish as a persistent leitmotif and treated in different ways, thus giving light movements that reflect elegance in their movement.

His originality comes into consideration more in relief and bareliefs in which, with the convenience of the artist who believes in his work, with different hue and coatings, has succeeded in his works, to add pictorial side, where it is obvious that besides the shape he recognizes well the color. These works possess in itself an amazing dynamic where small images appear to move and want to get out specified frames.

With his exhibition, Bejtulla Zaimi proves that he is already embodied in his work, and at the same time believes in it. Exactly the trust in his work which Zaimi possesses, gives us hope that he will overcome barriers of his artistic journey and that is the space what he needs for his work, not the opposite.

Reshat Ameti, October 2014