Petra Jovanovska- Artist in Residence


The universality, the magic, the symbolism, the alchemy,the vivification are just some of the wide range ofideas for the application of the circle as a basic modus inthe creation of the works from the last cycle of the author Petra Jovanovska. The circle represents unity, wholeness, infinity. Something with no beginning or end, no sides orangles. Circle means protection, but also limited freedom,norms, rules, social restraints. It is a sign of fulfillment andcompleteness, of merging of the polarities, regenerationand eternity. Often with the shape of the circle the sun ispresented as the main source of life, but also the elementof spirit which is equally related to the four elements offire, air, earth and water. It is a symbol of the life cycle, ofparadise, of the universe. Symbolically our whole life maybe linked to the shape of circle, once we are up, anothertime down, over and over again to begin climbing, or falling.The spiritualists believe that human existence is directlydependent on this shape. The schemes of our DNA arecomprised of circles, we are all conceived from a roundegg cell, we live on a round planet, a round sun warmsus, the progress of civilization is directly dependent on theapplication of the circular form – the invention of the wheeletc. The labyrinth and the knobs are also a way of seeingcircles and reaching inner peace and spiritual greatness.For referentiality and cause-effect corpus of discoursesfor the application of circular shape a lot more can be said,but this is a starting point in the determination of the roleof the circle in Jovanovska’s works. Petra Jovanovska is agraduated graphic artist, who expands her technical repertoireby using a variety of media as part of an experiment,perpetualness, but at the same time also synchronicity, through which the concept of the circle is explored. Frompainting to graphics (linocut, dry seal), through collage, photography, drawing, she explores the infinite variability of“playing” with the circle. Jovanovska decides to take something from the pop-artistic manner, and that is repetitionand mimetic multiplication, in her case of the circle, whose content is changed or repeated. Another reminiscenceof the art of mass media is the intense, vivid colors that should attract the attention of the observer. Some circlesare colorful monochromatic and sterile and others are crammed with information (detail, hint, emphasis, abstract,photography, text, facture, etc.) and give rhythm to the polymorph composition.Often the composition itself is multiplied in diptychs, triptychs, polyptychs, so the mimetics and dynamicsare even more expressed. Actually each circle is a story in itself, and the merger of many such narratives is reminiscent of one’s becoming a witness of alarge set of macro-narratives. In some of theworks Jovanovska also uses the square as anopposite shape with which she creates contrast,opticality, but also a graphic play. Linguisticconglomerations as a drawing emphasis arealso used often to create interesting and conceptuallystructured composition.In terms of content the works possessmany autobiographical portents, with manypersonal questions (identity, affiliation), to somecriticism or open individual reactions tocertain more global issues (such as ecology,industry, food, social reality, etc.).The installation of small narratives, on the other side, (which even though placed in a square accordingly with the wall; follows the circle shape of the hammam) creates a situation of one large macro narrative that needs to be perceived by the recipient. With this latest creative cycle Petra Jovanovska shows her serious intentions to leave a trace on the Macedonian contemporary art scene, to offer an entertaining and intriguing exhibition that as a basis would include luscious basic artistic and aesthetic qualities, and finally, relying on the classic teachings and methods and using the “old” mechanisms, to create conceptual spatial manipulations and create something personal and especially fresh.

Ana Frangovska, curator


° Born in 1972 in Jeseník, Czech Republic


1990 – 1995  Faculty of Fine Arts – Skopje, Department of Graphic Arts

1986  – 1990  High School Jeseník, Czech Republic

1980 –  1990  Art School Jeseník, Czech Republic, Art Course

Individual exhibition:

2017 – Museum Veles, Macedonia

2017 – National Institution, Centre of Culture, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia

2017 – National Institution, Centre of Culture, Strumica, Macedonia

2017 – National Institution, Centre of Culture, Kumanovo, Macedonia

2016 – Prima Center, Berlin, Germany

2016 –  Museum City of Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia

2016 – Gallery MK, Litovel, Czech Republic

2015 – National Institution, Art Gallery Hamam, Tetovo, Macedonia

2014 –  National Gallery of Macedonia, Cifte Hamam, Skopje, Macedonia

2014 – National Institution, Art Gallery Hamam, Tetovo, Macedonia

2014 – Gallery UDAS, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina

2014 – White night, MKC, Skopje, Macedonia

2014 – City Library, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 – Gallery Hanikah, 30. Intermational festival Sarajevo Winter, Sarajevo, Bosnia and


2013 – House of ARM, Skopje, Macedonia

2013 – International City of Arts, Paris, France

2013 – Museum Johann Schroth, Lipová lázně, Czech Republic

2013 – Café Gallery Li, Skopje

2012 – State Castle Švihov, Czech Republic

2012 – City Gallery Old Post Office, Nový Jičín, Czech Republic

2012 – House of Culture, Kavadarci, Macedonia

2012 – Gallery 8, Bezisten, Skopje, Macedonia

2011 – Culture and Information Centre, Skopje, Macedonia

2011 – Gallery of City Library, Blansko, Czech Republic

2011 – Bastion St. Jadwigi, Nysa, Poland

2011 – City Gallery , Tachov, Czech Republic

2010 – City Museum, Králíky, Czech Republic

2010 – Gallery Budoucnost, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2010 – Gallery Ve Dvoře, Veselí nad Morovou, Czech Republic

2009 – City Museum, Buzet, Croatia

2009 – Bastion, St. Jadwigi, Nysa, Poland

2009 – Gallery V. Maržik, Kraljevo, Serbia

1999 – Gallery Image-Interier, Brno, Czech Republic

1997 – Art Salon, Music School, Tetovo, Macedonia

1995 – Art Gallery Aranati baba teke, Tetovo, Macedonia


° Artist of Osten 2015 / Osten Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia, 2016 /

° Award of the Artists Association of Macedonia „Grand-Prix“ at the 14th.Winter salon

   /2012/ – curator Philipp Maurer (Austria )

° Award of the Artists Association of Macedonia „Dimche Nikolov“ for graphics  /2012/

° Acknowledgement for small graphics, Bienale Inter-Art, Romania /2012/

° 1. Award of collage, Prague, Czech Republic / 2003/

Group exhibitions:

  • Participation in 230 group exhibitions, brief selection:

2017 – Passing of time, National Museum, Veles, Macedonia

2016 – Artist of Osten, Macedonian Academy of  Science and Art, Skopje

2015 – Year exhibition of the Artists Association of Macedonia, National Gallery

            of Macedonia, Mala stanica, Skopje

2014 – 15. Winter Salon of the Artists Association of Macedonia, National Gallery

            Of Macedonia, Mala stanica, Skopje

2014 – Experimental Drawing, Palace Lucerna, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 – Paris, je t´aime, National Gallery of Macedonia, Cifte Hamam, Skopje

2013 – Iwano Project Retrox, Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Serbia

2012 – 6. Biennale of Graphics, City Museum, Rokycany, Czech Republic

2012 – 14. Winter Salon of the Artists Association of Macedonia, Museum

            of Contemporary Art, Skopje

2011 – Guests of Hollar, Gallery Hollar, Prague, Czech Republic

2010 – 7. International Biennale of Exlibris, Culturale Centre, Zacatecas, Mexico

2010 – 16. Graphics of the year, Cllam – Gallas Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

2009 – 3. EX-YU Graphics, Gallery SKC, Belgrade, Serbia


° Artistic residency at Intermational City of Arts, Paris, France

° Participation in 20 international art colonies abroad

° Educational activity in Czech Republic

° Seminars: Painting on silk and evaluation of aesthetic educational subject, Prague,

                    Czech Republic

° Member of Artists Association of Macedonia since 2008

° Member of Art Council of Artists Association of Macedonia since 2013

° Artists Association of Macedonia – Management Board member since 2015 

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