The New Yorker Hero’s Journey

How to stay yourself when life pushes you to change when the environment is running your life?

Are you spending or investing – Your time, money and your energy?
What is your inner strategy? Are you away from pain or towards pleasure? 

Join this interactive session and learn how to transform stress or any other emotion into inner power.

Anytime, anyplace stay yourself, be simply you!

Marina Anchevska is an international certified NLP Trainer, Personal and Business Coach, Yoga teacher, Holistic therapist and writer.
After 17 years living and working in the Netherlands, she returns back to Macedonia. She is the founder of the Center for Business Psychology, Systemic & NLP and is the only professional Center in Macedonia which is providing international accredited NLP programs in Macedonia.

Marina is providing diverse programs, Coaching for teams and individuals, team buildings and other trainings in order to create change and unleash the power of every individual.
She is the first motivational speaker in Macedonia. Her professional background, positive energy, and confronting training style provoke positive change in many organizations and individuals which are attending her programs.  Lifelong learning is her personal style. She is attending lots of trainings, workshops and programs all over the world. Investing in her own personal and professional growth is something that she loves to do in a regular basis. 
She is working in Macedonia, Kosovo, The Netherlands and Dublin. Her clients are many companies as banks, pharmacies, insurance companies, international organizations, government, embassy’s, NGO’s and many others who are investing in their employees.

Event for Gallery MC organized by Natasa Simovska Poposki

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